Sun King Dance – Adult Summer Dance Intensives

Back in January I saw a flurry of younger ballet ladies getting ready for their summer intensive auditions. I ogled with envy that these girls would go off for a month to a ballet school and spend ALL DAY learning and dancing and being surrounded by other students striving to learn. Honestly the best summer camp EVAR. No archery, boat paddling, or saluting shorts here.

I wished that I could run off to a summer intensive like that but 1) being an adult you have responsibilities 2) $$$$ 3) you’re too old!!! WHYS!? We Adult ballerinas/os have a hard existence indeed. Like we’re to live out all of our hard effort and passion invisibly. I’m going to say no to that.

Alas though, wipe those tears for I have found at least one school that is very promising! Pros: No auditioning, no videos, no arabesque en pointe photos, It’s not THOUSANDS of dollars for a month, but a short and sweet vacation week for a little over a grand with room. It’s for people like you and me who want to also have some summer fun and learning!

Sun King Dance!

It has different locations up and down the East coast and they JUST started one in south Washington/North Oregon. Really it’s on the border of Washington/Oregon. Except this one is strictly for more practiced dancers that I am not. I had no idea this school existed until  I used my googlefu today, and have no means to save up for a grand+ to any of these other locations. I’ll just have to save up for next year.

Still I’m not a sad girl, my school this summer in August will be offering a week long intensive five hours a day, for a cool $175. That still leaves me with nothing June/July. Gotta figure something out besides my ballet dvds!


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