Seattle/Lynnwood Classes for Adults

I decided to make a resource page for you guys in my area. Interested in adult ballet? Don’t know where to get started? Here are some places I’ve discovered that I personally would love to drop in too, but I live kind of out of the way, but we’ll see!

Snohomish/Lynnwood area:

Reflections School of Dance

Alderwood Dance Spectrum

Olympic Ballet School (Edmonds WA)

Seattle area (Capitol Hill, Downtown, Fremont, Greenwood):

PNW Ballet Open Program

The Ballet Studio (Strictly Adults only)

Exit Space

Dance Fremont

The Belltown Ballet & Conditioning

Velocity Dance Center

If you’re a school that’d liked to be linked please share and I’ll look over your website or if you are going to a school that’s not listed, share a link and I’ll look at it too! Hope this has been helpful!


2 thoughts on “Seattle/Lynnwood Classes for Adults

  1. For your list: my all-time favorite place to take class is Steps on Broadway in NYC (74th & Bwy). Emilietta Ettlin, if you ever have a chance to take her ballet or floor barre or a private, is just incredible. Broadway Dance Center also has a lot of open classes, but Steps is my old home and I’m strongly biased.

    And yay! that you linked to Kathy Mata; I love her!

    • Next year will you come out with me to the Sun King Intensive? I dare you, you and your lawyer-ness.

      I’ll be sure to check out your lead, I hope to visit NY eventually and probably drown it’s big city-ness.

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