Injury and tuesday class re-cap

I’ve been injured since… three weekends ago? I over stretched my ligaments on the top side of my right foot. Standing for long hours and flexing my foot up and down is painful. Another con of being an adult, though I’m 27, I may look like I’m young but my body is finished growing. My window for maximum body alteration has come and gone. So as an adult doing pointe and stretching like the young girls do it, it may be too hard on your body so you should really listen to it. Though sometimes it’s hard to tell what it’s telling you.

So last week in ballet I sat out and watched and hung around for choreography since we’re getting ready for recitals in June. I did attempt something called a “floor barre” where you do your pliés on your back, your rond de jambés on your side and so forth. Extremely difficult, I’d rather be attempting to plank on an exercise ball. This week though I couldn’t stand it and told my teacher I was going to do barre work until I needed to stop. OH SO GLORIOUS!! One week away was too long- and that didn’t even matter because I couldn’t help but do pliés and tendus in my kitchen! It felt so beautiful to be graceful and neck long and peaceful, balancing weight on the balls of your feet as you plunge down to the floor in fourth uguuuuuuu~ so pleasant only a fellow dancer would understand such a feeling- or maybe another artist. It’s a zen moment. You have your music, you have your materials, and you create!

Then farther into class we started doing more things I couldn’t do with my foot. I was already resisting balance on relevé and one footed balances on relevé, anything on relevé was out of the question. Then it came to frappés and small jetés. Jumps are also a no no. It’s amazing how you take for granted what your feet do for you and how they respond to your brains requests. I had to sit out the rest of class, but that was alright I slapped on a pain patch and watched the rest of class, while stretching a little. We practiced our recital where we’re a school of fish one moment, then the next a bed of swaying sea weed, I know- sounds AWESOME! Amiright?! All the girls were watching themselves in the mirror when we did this- where were my eyes- everywhere else but the mirror! Twice we did it and I saw diddly! Will look forward to it next time. I also couldn’t help but correct one of the girls, since I’m sitting out, she just got her custom Gaynors. She has flat feet, and her memorization is great, and overall a very sweet girl. Like I said I couldn’t help but correct her when she went en pointe during the exercises! She couldn’t even push over to her platform, she was leaning on the back edge of it. She was pointing as hard as she could. I had to help her realize she needed to release her ankles and just let her foot bend “backwards” when she was in parallel. Teacher was nice and said she really appreciated helping her with that and she wasn’t bothered by it, ie. I wasn’t over stepping my bounds. This totally burned the fire in me to finally ask my other Teacher and director of the school about something I’d been thinking of lately, ie. teaching ballet to others.

So I did after adult ballet, which was mostly full of more relevés, and now requiring me in an 8 count to pull off two perfect pirouettes to the left. I need to practice because I think she wants me to do a double pirouette by the time recital comes. Aslo threw some sissonés in there. Front, back, glissadé change direction front back glissadé. There will be a lot of dancing in this 3 minute song.


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