New technology!

New technology!

Can you believe it?! I scuffed the satin on the top of my box some how. Anyways, against Doctor orders I went full force in class Thursday evening. My foot hurt for a bit afterwards but I ignored it, and it wasn’t horrible enough to make me hobble and by the time I went to sleep I was fine. I also went grocery shopping for 3 hours so I was on my feet a lot yesterday.
So I’ll be able to get back on pointe in another two weeks (self diagnose hahaa). Not doing ballet for two weeks is the pits, my shoulders/arms are sore and my body is a little stiff.

In class yesterday I noticed again… I didn’t watch myself dance. I realize when I get across the floor after finishing the combination I have no idea what just happened. I just went through the motions… I need to be better about this. Not looking yourself in the eyes is something everyone should over come.

So I have my new ipad! I’m going to have to find a case… and some cool art for the unlock screen and my background. NEAT!


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