A new ABC tv show about “bunheads”.  I saw this ad while visiting my Mom at her house. My Husband and I don’t have cable so I don’t always keep up to date on the latest TV has to offer. This of course caught my attention but it’s bubbly uplifting feelings makes me hiss and retreat. I’d gag on the acting and there would be no real engaging dances I’m sure… so… maybe younger girls can relate. Maybe I’ll catch an episode somewhere and we’ll see. What was funny though was that my Teacher mentioned this TV show to class ( and I was shocked she hadn’t heard of First Position!) and said her Husband asked “What’s a bunhead?” to which I quipped “you’re married to one.” Not that I was really part of their conversation she was just relaying her conversation with her Husband that he had no idea, after her owning a studio and being a dance teacher for over 20 years, what a bunhead was.


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