Spreading like wildfire in the tubes that is the internet, a portfolio piece of concept art from an Industrial Design student has ignited a lust for these non existent shoes that Nike doesn’t even know about themselves, titled the “Nike Arc Angels.” While Nike does have an “Arc Angel” product in their line up, it happens to be a pair of sunglasses. A lot of things give away that this isn’t a real product, or anything that I think would really come into fruition. The pointe shoe currently has been adjusted over hundreds of years and it still remains nearly the same in shape and form. You don’t really change the wheel, you just upgrade it with spinners! Also if the commentary and spelling isn’t a give away for the person’s lack of experience with the shoes you’ll slowly come to the realization that yes, these are not real, how could anyone dance in these? One there is lack of support in the arch with no shank, any one beginning training or pro will realize this shoe would fail miserably and cause severe damage. The elastic with toggle would cause serious health concerns for the achilles. And the lack of stiff support in the box would actually have your toes crumpling up from your weight. The concept notes even state that it was modeled after an ace bandage. If anyone has danced or worked out in an ace ankle brace bandage you’ll know that it completely restricts movement and can cause weakness from dependency on it.

It continues to boast how it’s elastic bands will provide support… but for what and where? I don’t know. Especially if there’s no shank to support you! If anything they echo the look of modern dance wear shoes, like the Bloch Eclipse shoes.

It also goes on to share that most people don’t start training for pointe(and they spell it point) until they’re 20-30!!!!! While this is true for us Adult dancers, ummmm… I wonder what the world would be like if the YAGP no longer existed!

While the idea sounds pretty awesome, aesthetically, and for the purpose of doing pointe, these shoes would not work. And if it had non skid rubber soles like most Nike shoes have, I think the ballet world would be in a world of hurt. Personally I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this going around the internet, but then we did some quick research and lo and behold just a tantalizing idea. When I think back on it about how uncomfortable I find my pointe shoes, I really don’t, but I do not spend hours a day in my shoes and am just beginning so I don’t have maximum experience.

Wild idea guy! I give you props for your presentation, but please do a little research on the product before you decide to change the wheel ;D


2 thoughts on “PSYCH!

  1. My pretend review:

    I tried them but the toggles at the back were very annoying in first, or any step brushing through first. The absence of a shank really sucks too. Plus I hear they’re made in child sweat shops in China. Not cool.

    • LOL You’re right! I can just imagine going through first and that stupid toggle!! How awful! Worst outbreak of tendonitis EVAR! I think I’d be up in arms standing flat in the shoes with the fact that there’s no heel support so the half shank digs into your arch. I think I’d cry if these were my shoes.

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