High Point of the Week

Tuesday is indubitably the highlight of my week. Starting at 3 pm in the afternoon I get ready by hopping into the shower, I do a little tendus and relevés in there while I’m at it (haha!) Hop out and get ready throwing on some tights and a leo. Blow dry the roots of my hair and then toss it up in a messy bun with a scrunchie or go full blown bun with hair net and bobby pins, hairspray. Make sure everything is out of my face and away from my neck. Always add a touch of cute with a hair accessory! Make sure everything is in my bag and maybe a snack between classes or an energy drink and a bottle of water. Say goodbye to the dog and turn on the alarm and be out of the house no later than 4:20. Arrive around 4:40 at the studio, stuff my things in a cubby after pulling out necessities like leg warmers, shoes, and water bottle. Wait and watch the class ahead rehearsing for the recital. Mom’s start to pop in and bring little kids. There’s an adorable little girl who comes in and she’s keen to play with us girls waiting. Between students in my class and Moms coming to pick up the waiting area gets packed fast. Five before 5 the girls are let out, parents pick up their kids, and when there’s enough leeway to get in we shuffle in making sure not to bump any of the small ones. Place your stuff where you plan on being at barre AND SPEND TWO HOURS OF WORK!!! Yessssss… from barre work to stretches, to center work then pointe shoes and recital rehearsal! HAHA! Then the girls trot out and I wait 20 min before the adult ballet by rolling around and stretching and keeping warm and limber for the next class watching the pointe girls warm up at barre. Then I grab my stuff, and get upstairs and sit on the floor for adult ballet after all the kids have gone. Then another hour and a half of barre and center work and recital rehearsal. By the end of it all I’m exhausted!!! I just want some good food in my belly a quick shower and bed.

TODAY though, we’ll be practicing our recital rehearsal with the pointe girls as we’ll be all dancing together, pre-pointe and pointe. So far the pre-pointe class is a school of fish at first, then we’re a bed of sea weed, then a flurry of bubbles, then we zig zag chainé across the floor and then end up in separate groups on either side of the stage where I’m front, and swish my arms side to side in in a balancé. Then we do an arabesque and back lunge and swooshy arms… and I forget… Two dances is hard to remember especially working from one to the next… just lotsa stuff.

I leave you with the cutest lady who recently got en pointe at age 42 this February.

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