Moaning About Tuesday

Last night was EXHAUSTING! I literally was panting and sweating profusely. I sweat a little but I mean I was shiny! My whole shoulders, back, neck. I was wiping sweat off my face constantly- I needed a sweatband bad! I had a poor fellow dancer having to place her hand on my sweaty shoulder, and then my teacher purposely bounced off me to illustrate what NOT to do and rolled into my sweat on my back- GROSS !!! I felt so bad for everyone LOL.

Pre-pointe started out innocently enough, but I found myself 30 min into class profusely sweating down the front of my chest. Usually I have that about an hour after class, but this was really quick. It wasn’t even that hot yesterday like it was during the weekend, so I have no idea why I was sweating so much more. We cleaned up some choreography, some girls were being accusing and blaming others for their mistakes. That was a whole bunch of unnecessary irritation. Because of our large numbers, Miss Jenny worked it so that we look like we’re chaotic, because sea weed doesn’t move in unison unless it’s a strong current or storm. Even still they’re individual and they all move independently. One though was still confused why we all didn’t move the same… IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! Same mentality in adult ballet, when you “pair” up with someone to dance across the floor it doesn’t have to be the SAME person, it’s just to get groups of people across the floor. Concentrate on what you’re doing, not what you’re doing as a group unless you’re doing that for recital. *Huff* Anyways…

In pointe I rocked it. I don’t know what it is, but I just blow through that like it’s nothing. I noticed my toes are pointing/flexing harder creating a more curved arch in my shoe when I use them. So when we did echappes I had to widen my legs more to get the right affect/look/stance. My teacher caught me using my thumbs to keep my balanced by pinching the barre. I didn’t realize this was a big foul but was wondering about it when she called me out on it- oops. Bourres were a breeze, I literally could do circles around these girls. So when I found myself on the other side of the room and girls still straggling, I decided to run off and help the GM girl. She had to wait three weeks before she got her shoes and by then a lot of use had strengthened and broken in our shoes. She’s frustrated she doesn’t get to join the major group dancing without the barre, but she really has no strength to get across the floor without a barre. Her frustration though needs to get in check, if she wants to do pointe and do it right she needs to relax and do the exercises and other strengthening in her own time. I wonder if she dismisses my help completely. I was trying to help her with her bourres but I may have approached her when her mind was completely frustrated, she didn’t want to listen.

BAH! Either way by the end of class I was already exhausted. My toes hurt and it felt good to wiggle them. I waited and then went up to my adult class. We did a lot of releve work at the barre, then a lot of leaps, and a lot of choreography. We had one mother return after being gone two weeks? She gets confused easily, so when we started the dance from the top I almost smacked into her several times because she just stopped and stared confused. We had to keep repeating balances and two chaines and then a stop and wrap skirt, I think I did that combo left and right at least 16 times. I was winded. Then we cleaned up a transitional part of the dance where I do two pirouettes in 8 beats to the left. I was so exhausted I could not land straight and just fumbled. I couldn’t spot properly, just… exhausted. Then we added a double pirouette at the ending of the dance, land in 4th then stand up and move to position for the finale. I was literally DEAD by the end of class. SO SWEATY. I managed to drive myself home with the seat heaters on high… purr. Husband fed me spam, rice, and chicken noodle soup and then I showered and flopped into bed to finish the night off with SpongeBob 🙂 It was a fantastic and exhausting night.


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