Blow Your Mind!

YouTube videos I think you MUST see!

These Ladies are far better than even lil’ ol’ ME!!

I think I’ll pick up a few of their barre pieces for use at home. Or heck, follow the video at home haha! THEY EVEN DO PORT DE BRAS! FLOORED IN AMAZEMENT!

THIS little girl uses the simplest of moves for any beginner to use and has been choreographed the most beautiful piece!! And it’s just… changements, chasses, arabesque, tour jete, piques, just… basics!

Can I please dance like these peoples?!

Besides that, I have ballet technique today. I’m also in talks with my friend to see if I can visit her school, Exit Space, a school I’ve mentioned previously to give it a go. I’d also like to have her come up and try my school too! See what happens and give you a review of the school 🙂 Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Blow Your Mind!

  1. That little girl is amazing! Although it looks simple, most dancers ;earning as a child wouldn’t learn those steps until they are much much older than her (unless of course, in professional full time dance school). I danced RAD style from the age of 5, one grade per year, and didn’t learn some of those steps until I was 14 or 15. So lovely to see people dance like that!

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