International Dance Weekend

Did you know that there was such a thing as International Dance day? It was just yesterday! My School celebrated by having a benefit concert for a charity. A small donation and a silent auction helped drive proceeds to support the year’s benefit theme of “Life”. At first I wasn’t even sure I would make it to the event because I was scheduled to work, but I found out that I got off an hour and a half before the show and could make it no problem! So I did, with Hubby in tow. We got to watch all the dance teams perform multiple numbers, and it was a lot of fun being able to see everyone dressed up in costume in performance instead of in a black leo. Really cool to watch a lot of the girls I practice dance with actually dance, and without me- haha. Overall it was a pleasant evening and a good night.

The downside for me since last Thursday, is that my foot injury has been bothering me again. It doesn’t help that just a week before full recovery time, I stepped on it in a bad way and pretty much squared myself back to one again. So since Thursday I’ve been gimping about, icing it, and trying to rest it to no avail and think on Tuesday I will not be able to go en pointe or do any jumps and things. Just sitting here at the computer it hurts. Bawww… so lame, and with recital so close it’s double frustration not being able to practice properly. Hopefully after doing some errands today I’ll rest it, ice it, and try to keep still and off my feet 😦


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