I caught a bad cold probably last Tuesday. I have a strict policy of washing my hands after using the barres in class because everyone and everything has touched those from morning ’til me. Kids, adults, whatever. Barres are filthy places. Well after Tuesday I was so hungry I started eating some crackers I had in a ziplock bag. It was during my drive home and I totally over looked it. Wednesday I was fine and got to hang out with my ballet friend where we picked up Giselle and La Bayadere on DVD. We only watched Giselle since we roved off topic frequently chatting. By Wednesday though I felt something in my throat and tried to combat it with lots of mouth wash, lots of vitamin c, lots of liquids, to no avail. I missed class on Thursday and huddled on the couch in a blankie and on Friday just stayed in bed all day. It’s Tuesday again and I’m starting to feel a smidge better. Not better enough to go to class though. I’ll miss out on valuable choreography time but seriously- no condition to be out.

This is the first time I’ve been sick during my return from ballet. I’m so worried I’ll be so weak returning that I’ll pant and faint(most likely not). I guess when my head is right things won’t feel so shaky haha, probably go back to class next week for sure. Maybe later this week I’ll do some plies in the kitchen.

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