Bullet points

Because I left you hanging and we want to catch up, right?

• Spent late June – July in class twice a week. Thursdays were pointe work.

• Tuesdays I got to come in an hour early and work with girls aged 8-12 and help them with their ballet

• Tried working out with my friend and he made my abs hurt for a whole week. It sucked.

• Have not been to see my Physical Therapist for over two months… errr…

• Spent a few days in Las Vegas to relax

• Keep injuring the inside of my right thigh, makes getting to my splits very difficult

• Will be attending the Alderwood Dance Spectrum school pretty much full time including classes and assisting in teaching in the fall


• Remember that if someone is battementing in front of you, gets out of the way- you’re in the way if they hit you – so move.

• Apparently I have good torque/power to complete two revolutions in turns, now to learn to control it for just one

• Reprimanded for slouching a lot/shoulders

* Left leg is stronger than right, maybe because of previous right foot injury

• I hate jetéing- any kind really, I like turns

• Pointe shoes are holding up but the insole keeps coming undone, custom toe caps attached to ouch pouches though are causing a little bit of problem

• Need to get better at remember combinations

I think that’s a decent gist really… questions? I’m going to take a week break to try and heal up my inner thigh and then try out eXit space in greenlake area.

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