School begins!

On a belated note, school started!!! Wednesday was Open house and meet and greet! I met up with my teacher to see about my pointe shoes I had invested in from ebay, the Chacott Veronese II and the Bloch Suprima MK II. I have no idea what’s up with the IIs, but there you have it. The Bloch Suprimas were a ‘meh’ and the Chacotts were a ‘no’ because she says there’s a possibility for blisters… which I’m finding hard to believe- but I get to use them as back up! In reality, I get to wear them regardless of her opinion LOL. So otherwise I’m still on the search. I’ll be in Seattle on Thursday so I’ll pop over to the dance store in the University area and possibly the used book store.
SO THURSDAY was my first Teacher Assisting day! Oh boy gee golly willickers! There were some girls from the summer and some girls I hadn’t seen. SO CUTE! A lot of them had retained what I had adjusted the few days I saw them last during the summer! Which is amazing! It’s only been one class so far, but great! I’m having a hard time with one of my favorite dancers because it looks like she’s tight in the shoulders but every time you try and adjust her her shoulders don’t go anywhere, and I know she’s trying hard to do it- but like… it’s not happening. There’s another girl who’s so slouchy in her shoulders that her poor shoulder blades are wrapped off to the side! Hopefully we can get her to open up her chest and hold onto her arms in the proper position. Agh! Otherwise it was fantastic! All except doing sautés SLOWLY. Have you done sautés at a snails pace? IT IS TORTURE. In 2nd position is even worse. HOMG I was truly done for but made it through and then the girls curtsied and ran off. Then I proceeded to pant and hold my chest complaining to myself I should’ve practiced more sautés while away from class.

Friday I unfortunately still had to work before class, then get ready, then go to class. Luckily I wasn’t too tired or anything and made it through the class pretty well. My tour jetés are even better! I could do left and right without brainfarting! I tried to control my leg more when we land so it doesn’t fling up and off balance me. Pas de bourres and waltz turns I feel are some of the hardest things for adults to do. We over analyze and as simple as they are they completely vex our brains and it’s just difficult. For as easy as it should be!! I want it to be easy and awesome, but ughhhh!!! I know I’ll get there, and with me assisting the younger girls I’ll pick up on some basic things I haven’t been exposed to at all. I need some pas de bourré music.

So hopefully by next Friday I’ll be back in pointe shoes. Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll have a class in the early evening and then I’ll be teacher assisting again after that! YES! Life is good as far as ballet is concerned 😀 Then Wednesday is teacher assisting, Thursday is assisting, and Friday is class. *sigh* so good…


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