Nutcracker is looming

It’s nearly the end of September already! It has flown by substantially. I’m still adjusting to my new ballet schedule/life of 4 days of ballet and most of my days off from that are working with in betweens of minute social life, physical therapy, and that’s about it. MINUTE social life, I emphasize. I saw my friend for two to three hours with physical therapy in between. To say the least I’m feeling a little spent. Today was supposed to be my rare day I had no ballet and no work, but I decided to take a small shift for my boss on today and friday. Insert heavy sigh.

What I’m most concerned about is this Saturday is the auditions for our season’s Nutcracker! My teacher has been practicing particular steps in class to help us out and improve before the big morning. Tour jetés, balancé, waltz turns, sauté arabesques into balance turns. Just to name a few. My teacher still yells at me about my back- like I can make it stronger like she wants in a week. Then when I hold my back in my tour jetes I get yelled at for kicking my back leg too high. I CANNOT WINNNNN!!!

I think between now and auditions I need to relax as much as possible. Do practice what I can, but not stress myself over it. I’m not going to get any solo parts anyways, so there. Haha.

As for pointe shoes! I wore my bloch suprimas- which were hell. So I went back on the look and tried on Gamba but the 97 only come in a 3/4 shank but their’s did not feel… good enough. Too bendy for my arch. They also didn’t have my size and wanted to order me a pair and then I could try it and I wasn’t going to wait for that. I looked up pointe shoes on eBay to see what was out there and read up on the So Danca Cecilia Kerche pointe shoes made in Brazil. They were very informative about the fact they were made for Grecian feet with very narrow feet and heel and tapered toes. My God, that sounds like my feet! So I ordered the Bayadere pointe shoes in their narrowest size B and tried on the size 5 about 3 sizes down from my street size. They came, I tried on, I was amazed. Then wearing them in class for the first 5 minutes, I noticed that it felt suddenly too tight. Puzzled I moved to my soft shoes and researched online again and ordered a different model in a half size larger and a size up in width, C (because I couldn’t find the Bayadere in a 5.5 C). The Nikiya in 5.5 C was GINORMOUS. Significant difference when they described these shoes for a “medium” heel. I was swimming in that shoe and it did not feel comfortable at all. So now I have a pair of shoes I don’t know what to do with that don’t even come close to fitting me lol. So I tried on my Bayaderes again and decided to cut a small portion of my ouch pouch off and tried them on again- wa-la! It felt much better! I then had to scurry off to class only to realize I was freaking out for no reason because some how I was an hour off in my time and spent it sewing my soft shoes and pointe shoes. I still haven’t worn my Chacotts! So I’ll finish sewing them and see how they work out.

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