Badge of honor?

Today I got my first blister from pointe work. Some ballet students thinks this is testament to advancement. Like the idea you’re not a ballerina without the blood sweat and tears (which is true to an extent!) But I mean girls for seriously go ape over their first blister.I received mine because I’m adjusting to my new Cecilia Kerche pointe shoes. I love them, they’re just a smidge tight with the ouch pouches. I’ve been cutting away at them to alleviate the pressure in the box. I cut some off today and it ended up causing the bunion area of my left foot on my pinky toe to get a small blister. I’m very familiar with blisters from shoes you shouldn’t be wearing, painfully familiar. This little blister ain’t no thang! SO, I’ve made the decision to try a thinner box liner for these pointe shoes. My Teacher even complimented them! She said they looked very pretty! She wanted to recommend them to another girl on pointe who’s having problems finding narrow shoes to hold her compressible foot.

I also got complimented on my circular port de bras!! They’re one of my favorite things to do and it’s the return one I love most. I get to be dramatic and swoop my arm back out to the far reaches of my square , lean back and watch my hand as I swivel in motion to the farthest my back can bend, tilt back to my next corner, side into the barre, bend over into the floor and pull back up pushing out your chest, jutting your chin out regally and pulling your arm back out to second… ahhhh… it’s the best I feel so regal! Anyways. Miss Jenny called me out and said she LOVED it and that it looked like I had purpose and I was dancing and it was awesome *melt* and here I was feeling a little depressed as of late that she wasn’t commenting on me. SHE ONLY CALLED ME OUT FOR DOING SOMETHING *squeeee* Yes I did do a happy dance.

I think she also praised my dégagés! I’m holding my core and standing leg much nicer than some of the other girls.

BUT I STILL HAVE ISSUES WITH COMPETENCY!!!! I’m just having the hardest time catching up and understanding complex moves. Woe is me and my adult brain. I want to read the ballet dictionary she gave me, but it’s hard to memorize them without context.

My lower leg muscles are all cramped. I’m using a tennis ball to roll them out, then plenty of water and rest. I have to be at the auditions tomorrow morning at 9am, they start at 9:30. I actually get a number to pin on. I’m auditioning for waltz of the flower and snow. Maybe other things since we tried Arabian today. My problem with Arabian though it turns my knee funny and it really kills which will agitate my knee issue further for Physical Therapy. Not something I want… THEN I have to run off to work by 1 pm. Luckily the mall is just around the corner from the studio so I’ll get there in no time flat. I close that night so out before 10, run home and change and then go out. *sigh* Will be a busy day.


2 thoughts on “Badge of honor?

  1. I lost a toenail on my left big toe. At first I thought it was cool to have a ballet related injury and now I wish it never happened. So painful sometimes.
    I love getting compliments too – but the General is stingy with them and understandably so. However, last week she said “good” (with a smile) when I did an arabesque on pointe, away from the bar, and held it while I fixed my arm position. I knew she was happy to see me holding that pose longer than I had to and with control. (joy)
    Good luck on your audition! I bet you will make a beautiful snowflake! 🙂

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