Wait, I forgot NEXT Monday is 30 days- haha!

Oh you guys I’m pretty bushed. I’m not belligerent yet, but I sure feel it coming on. Today was supposed to be a day off for me, but got called in to work anyways- retail- sigh. Anyways anyways anyways. I’m just raising my arms not trying to make 5th so… yea. NEXT Monday I’ll be 30 days, I have one more week! Yessssss!! SO close! I was really cold when I got home so I bet it could be better.


10/29 splits


In other news I get to dance the Solo Doll dance one night for our performances!!! En pointe and everything. Such an awesome moment especially since I just started pointe in February. My first solo dance en pointe. I need to buy recital stuff. Ugh. New positive? For the Russian/Cossack dance we’re doing I get to wear a faux mustache- yea!!

Tomorrow is Halloween and I’ll be passing out lolipops to the girls in my class and dressing up as Minnie Mouse! I can’t wait to see them!


Hoping you all have a safe and fun Halloween and those of you on the East Coast stay well and safe too!

Final day for 30 day challenge

30 days ago I started this silly challenge to get me into my splits. Today is my final weigh in with before and after photos of my progress. I have a busy night with my class, my teacher assisting class, and a couple more hours of rehearsal. I’ll be sure to post tonight 🙂

On an unrelated note, Friday during pointe exercises. My teacher lightly took me by the waist while balancing at the barre in passé, and told me to let go of the barre completely. Automatically I wasn’t sure if she could hold my weight or what would happen so I tensed up and ruined my balance a little. She told me to relax and fix my shoulders and back which I automatically did and she rebalanced me where I’m now supposed to balance en pointe. Farther over my box. I’m having to learn how dancers dance en pointe on the front of their boxes. Bawww that’s scary stuff! Now I have to restrengthen my foot/everything for the change in weight.
I make this note because my teacher has a tendency to advance me at things like this before others en pointe. It excites me and challenges me at the same time!!

Now I’m going to ice my knees because they ache. I’ll see y’all tonight!

R & R


I just wrapped up a great massage that really worked my right leg an hip and- just everything connected! When I got up from the table my right knee felt significantly better!!! Now I’m icing it and then I’ll run off to the chiropractor to get cracked. Then I’ll rest after ballet class, cozy with a blanket and watch TV! Oooooh sounds so good.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll worry and practice my dances.



Despite my giant Debbie downer of a knee last night there were a many sparkling diamonds in the rough. My fellow adult dancer and I taking a moment for a photo looking our tired best, practicing our doll solo.

• first exercise at the barre- the only person who did it correctly while everyone else did it wrong the exact same way

• fellow adult “baller” brought me a snack of a yummy satsuma! Except my dog found it in my dance bag and stole it when I got home. She thought I didn’t have anything to eat while I was rehearsing and waiting.

• enjoying my TA, because they’re ridiculously cute and fun to watch.

There’s more but I can’t remember because of my knee pain. Fun :B


Yesterday was painful for me. Things were going fine when I arrived early for class. I started my normal warm up, making sure to keep my knees warm with my leg warmers- as they’ve been especially bothering me the days I’ve been in class as of late. Well after our first couple exercises at the barre, our next one involved a fondú on my right knee. No biggy, I knew I might have some pain, oh but it was unbelievable. I did it again, PAIN. I did it another time and I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my face red and a look on my face of disbelief and discomfort. I had to step away from the barre. I wanted to cry, not just because it hurt, but because all the work I’ve been doing to supposedly make my knee better has not helped and if not, makes it feel worse. It affected me all the way through class mentally and physically, and also in my teacher assisting class it affected me more physically. We did jetés away from the barre and to plié on one bent leg and swing out the other and then to straighten  it. That whole motion of down up was pain. I pulled through regardless. If not my worst jetés in a while.

I’m sure you’re wondering now if I have an injured knee. No, I don’t. For the most part it’s a perfectly healthy twenty something y/o knee. Just some of the workings around my knee inflame from being stressed out by improper movement attributed to my lack of butt strength. Yeah. My butt is making my knee hurt.

Yesterday though I don’t know what happened. Most likely my knees are beginning to give way to the added stress of so many hours of class and the rigors of standing for long hours in retail. I am not kind to my knees, not as much as I should be. I’m wondering if my knees are retaliating. Getting super inflamed and in pain so I’ll reduce what I’m doing so they can feel better. Which isn’t good news because Nutcracker is a month and a couple weeks away.



My knee doesn’t hurt when I walk, just hurts when I try to use it when I bend at the knee. I think I’ll discuss it with my Teacher and she’ll probably say keep off it for the week. I’m very sad.


Sometimes I think it’s just physical therapy causing me more pain. But who knows. Bawwwwww…

Shrinking Feet

My feet have shrank. I used to be an 8.5 before I started ballet. I’m now a 7.5. I have gone down a whole shoe size. This isn’t just ballet shoes and slippers with their many confusing sizings- my street shoe has officially changed to a 7.5. I went strolling through DSW, a popular discounted shoe retail store, and needed to replace some worn out and tired shoes. Every shoe I had to try on had to be at least a 7 or 7.5 for it to fit- and perfectly. I knew my foot may changing size was a possibility, I just didn’t think it would be so drastic or so soon. It makes me a little sad because my beautiful shoes I wore to my wedding no longer fit. They flop off my heel, and just last October they fit perfectly fine if not a smidge tight. On the best note ever, just like LB, I’m in dire need of new shews. What girl doesn’t want new shoes? Hohohohohohohohooo…

I digress… how does this relate to ballet? Was it really Ballet’s fault? WHY HECK YES IT WAS! My Teacher even noticed, in the middle of me Teacher Assisting she couldn’t help but exclaim after we had finished our changements that my feet were so bendy/curved/arched. She was SO excited. I couldn’t help but exclaim to her I was shopping for new shoes and I’ve dropped a whole size! We were so excited because my feet have become STRONGER! More muscular and otherwise super fine! This lady here has extremely fine ballet feet! Guhuhhhhh… my Teacher said she noticed during pointe work last Friday, but yesterday she just really noticed it. We agreed it was all the extra classes and tendus/degages. The problem I’ve noticed with changing bodies like this, is after it’s made such a large adjustment, like being in your splits or your feet curve more you have to rehabilitate your body to maintain that stretch or the arch. So you’re weak again and now you must get stronger! MORE WORK. Buhhhhh *cry*

Think- when we get our splits, we’ll now have to battement until it’s so high. Stronger abs and hip flexor muscles- NOOOOOOOOO.

Pressure’s on

Not only am I’m upping my time at ballet with extra rehearsals and memorizing 4 dances and occasionally paying attention to the other dances of the classes I teacher assist; there’s only 20 days left in the 30 day challenge! My third Friday is coming up in the next couple of days!!!! I wonder if I’ll be able to be any closer to the ground in my splits. Here’s some new tips on splits!


• right or left splits be sure that you’re pointing your toes, your weight is evenly in the middle and your knee is not holding you up.

This is difficult for beginners who aren’t as far, but you can use your hands to hold you up if you can. You’ll get there regardless!

• if you feel you’ve reached as far as you can get but not completely grounded, use an elevated surface to prop a foot/heel on 1-2″ off the ground.

The elevated surface will lift you above your norm and force you to expand and relax things that were being stubbornly tight in your thigh and hip. Be sure you do it slowly and cautiously so you don’t injure yourself.

• place your front leg up so your knee is bent and your back leg as straight as you can get it. Bend forward and reach your closest shoulder under the crook of your knee and prop your arm underneath to support. Then gently lift your shoulder and back and you’ll feel a stretch in both thighs.

This feels wonderful!

• for straddle splits, standing open your feet into your widest second. Bend over and place your hands on the ground, now walk your hands slowly away from your body and then prop yourself there when you feel the stretch.


Here’s a new video for stretches to help too!