Today is Monday. I am flat out exhausted from dancing for two and a half hours early Saturday morning (and 16 hours total at work this weekend) where thoughts of ballet woke me awake three hours before I had to get up. I was a little nervous at first, but eventually when I turned in my paperwork, stabbed myself with a pin to put my number on, and warm up I was feeling okay. I knew we were going to start with the hard steps first, choreography of both the flowers and the snow that we had practiced the night before and I was still disappointed and confused with myself. I did them to the best of my ability trying to control my powerful sauté arabesques, except one time I forgot the combination and threw my fist downs in frustration at myself… in the front. I know a judge absolutely gave me horror eyes for that… I regret that VERY much- eye flirt. Everyone should know to not do an audition like I. PERIOD.

We moved on to Flutes, which was fun, Spanish – hurt my back but fun, “Chinese” dance which was 16 passé relevés in place. I unfortunately kept loosing count concentrating so hard on trying to smile. AH! There was one time, when we were going to do something for Spanish, and the girl who had the Spanish solo last time was there. So she of course had everything memorized. Music started and she started from the first choreography we were shown not the one we were just shown. So for some reason everyone followed suite with her but I was the only one after the first 8 counts in a sauté arabesque when the Choreographer and my Teacher turned the music off. I don’t know if that gave me any mad props but I was at least proud with myself for a) not following b) remembering choreography in a stressful situation c) catching my Teacher’s eye as the only person in a sauté arabesque. I saw her see me as I was the only one leaping above everyone’s heads lol.

I did have to sit out Arabian. We tried it the night before and instantly I saw that I would have issues with my knees- and I did. The way you pose you have your knees crossed and bent and it’s just twisting your body so unnaturally and I already have issues so it caused me lots of agitation and unnecessary pain. SO I just opted out of it. I don’t mind dancing with my mid-driff showing but that dance will be destructive to my knees.

OH, we also did the mechanical doll which was fun. I wasn’t doing any rigid movement because the tempo was fast! I just was pleasantly surprised to like the choreography and the music. But the end of the whole audition thing I was just over myself. I made plenty of mistakes left and right and just kept smiling and doing what I could. So I’m very apprehensive now what I’ll get and have relegated my thinking to strictly “party guest.” LOL

My Husband is a good man for training me since we were younger, especially for HS try outs or when I placed my artwork into competitions, to be humble and think that you won’t win because it’s a bigger surprise when you find out you do!

I had bought another pair of So Danca/Cecilia Kerche shoes on ebay for $20 with shipping, and found out the didn’t work for me AT ALL. I asked one of the girls in my pointe class if I could see her feet since we’re the same size street wise. I saw she had a tapered long toes, her big toe was the longest of them all. She’s been dancing in bloch shoes and I asked her if she wanted to try my So Danca shoes I just bought because they don’t fit me. She said she’d try them and I said if she liked them she could have them for $10. I brought them to her on Audition morning and she tried them on and they fit her beautifully! Like perfect! lol. My Teacher really liked them on her feet too. I’m so glad I found these shoes! I’m going to try and swing by the dance shop this afternoon to try on different padding for my pointe shoes.


Today’s agenda is ballet class for me, then teacher assisting and crashing and burning at home again. They’ll post the audition results later today or something since I haven’t received word yet by email.

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