Friday, a day of rest

I had physical therapy yesterday. It was not pleasant. My current practice of rehabilitation is to massage my stressed out and extremely taught knee. How can that be when it’s a joint, I hear you think. Well your hip bone’s connected to your knee bone, your knee bone’s connected to your ankle bone – lalala and some jazz… My point is that my butt/hip do not work properly to operate my knee correctly which stresses out my knees causing pain and tightness. I have a broken butt.
So yesterday afternoon. She just jammed into my thigh and just kept kneading. Then she did this horrible thing which makes me cry, literally, where she sticks her fingers right into the curve of your pelvis beside your lower abdominals and pokes this stressed out muscle and makes me use my leg. I wish I could describe the pain – but I’ve never been stabbed with a stick in the abdomen before.
After an hour of that bitter pain a small part of me left knee on the outside kneecap area felt much better.

Then I went to class. I did some chasse, sauté arabesques, sautes, y’know stuff. Only to come home and find my left knee back where I started if not tighter. It hampered my performance all through class. I could feel and see it. Today is pointe work and my first rehearsal. I . Am . Screwed.

I’m going to rest, take a hot Epsom salt bath, and massage my left knee to the point of tears.

Here I come tennis ball!

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