30 day splits challenge!

Some of you are following my tumblr, which I don’t post a link to but it’s probably easy to find (which I left on purpose) by our matching title names. The reason being it’s less professional with swabs of silly things my Husband and I do. Mostly me. Sometimes my Husband’s in there. It’s just very uncouth and more personal of a dance/me blog. ANYWAYS. The blogosphere caught wind of my personal 30 Day Splits Challenge, and as my blog already reflects it’s really hard and not so much fun to take pictures of your splits EVERY DAY.

So I’ve personally amended it taking a progress photo every Friday after my ballet class before rehearsal starts.

Everyone is welcome to join, thanks to Kristen at Adult Ballerina Project, for featuring my tumblr post and taking it to heart along with several of her followers, and even Legal Ballerina! You guys are awesome and I’m so excited for everyone!! You don’t realize how important this discovery was for me this morning. I’ve been in a funk because of an endless cycle of retail work = ballet = physical therapy/knee pain = work = ballet = P.T./knee pain etc. The beginning of this week starting Sunday for me at work has not been fun and continues to be silly and I was letting it get to me until I started poking around blogs and saw that Kristen and LB were all getting in on the 30 day challenge!


Starting Oct. 5th I took a photo of my right, left, and straddle splits. Horrible I tell you!


(You guys, EMBARRASSING! All for the greater good yes? DON’T MAKE ME REGRET POSTING THESE!!!)


By Monday though I had personally seen improvement and so had my teacher- she commented(to those of you not involved in the ballet world- that is BIG). So I’m very excited to share progress photos this upcoming Friday! I want to thank you all of uplifting my poopy spirits earlier this morning and wish everyone an awesome October! Let’s do this!!

2 thoughts on “30 day splits challenge!

  1. You’ll get there! Thank you so much for the idea! I’m not thrilled about all the picture taking either, so I’m doing one a day, alternating through the different splits (although it’s really tempting just to post my right because it is my most impressive!)

  2. your splits are the same as mine right now.
    I’m glad you posted this,, makes me feel better 🙂

    I do taekwondo so getting my splits is essential! I think I’ll try the 30 day challenge too 🙂

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