As of late I haven’t been listening to my radio because of the Top 40s played on our local stations. I’ve been more involved in piano and ballet specific music. Of course Nutcracker with Tchaikovsky one of my favorite composers. Who isn’t in love with that man since he’s one of the biggest names in ballet history, and he’s not even a dancer! If you aren’t familiar with him, he did the Nutcracker Suite, Sleeping Beauty , and Swan Lake.

A lot of dance teacher’s use his music because there is a constant 4/4 measure. So when you dance you can always keep count despite the melody running off in a completely different direction.

Same goes for Danny Elfman. He composes mostly for Tim Burton films, and sings and composes his own music as well. I always loved his music and I recently figured out why, was because of his 4/4 measure! It was a pleasant revelation. I’m also a big fan of Hans Zimmer who did movies like Inception and Kung Fu panda. Though I haven’t listened to his music intently in the last couple of months to count measures between his music.

What’s great about finding modern composers like this is that you can practice your ballet to entertaining music that evokes different emotions than classical ballet music! Gets me excited and I feel like I’m dancing completely something new and exciting and… keeps ya fresh! On the other hand though, having a classic repertoire is really good too!

Aly Tejas is a Cuban born composer of ballet lesson scores. She provides great music free for download- but I highly encourage buying her whole CDs off iTunes! Her Tendu song is one of my favorites to do tendus to! Good stuff yo.


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