You guys- I hurt so bad today. I need a real good stretch when I get home. Did 8 back lifts, 12 or so cart wheels, 6-7 split attempts, pointe shoe slippage/fall. Now I’m working until close here at the store. Ughhhh.

Some things to make aches go away:

• Roll out those ache-y muscles with tennis balls.

• cold stretch. This is just to gently stretch stiff muscles, not advance your stretch.

• Hot bath with 1-2 cups of epsom salt. Soooooak.

• Ice for 20, heat pack or hot bath dip, ice for 20.

• significant other massage

• wine/ gettin’ yo drank on.

• rest.


One thought on “Aches

  1. I’m with you about being in a high level of pain;been sick the last two weeks , and then decided to surf for two-plus hours today–body is floating at this exact moment in time lol:)

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