My teacher has made me the official understudy to the mechanical doll in our Nutcracker performance. I’m not 100% sure but I think I’m the Chinese solo understudy too.

The entire doll dance is pretty much on pointe and is very quick and I have to practice rigid robotic moves. So awesome.

I’m also having a good time practicing and memorizing the Chinese solo. My Russian part is energetic and fun too! I’m having such a good time!

I’m awfully worn out and tired though. My knees are causing more trouble and work doesn’t help with cement floors and standing for 8 hours on every day off I have from ballet. I now have a goal by January that I’ll share with y’all in the near future.

Currently I’m chilling in a hot Epsom salt bath relaxing and soothing my tired body. My toes are beginning to shluff off old skin, I have bruises on my knees and the tops of my feet, ahhh. Ballet life is good.

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