Shrinking Feet

My feet have shrank. I used to be an 8.5 before I started ballet. I’m now a 7.5. I have gone down a whole shoe size. This isn’t just ballet shoes and slippers with their many confusing sizings- my street shoe has officially changed to a 7.5. I went strolling through DSW, a popular discounted shoe retail store, and needed to replace some worn out and tired shoes. Every shoe I had to try on had to be at least a 7 or 7.5 for it to fit- and perfectly. I knew my foot may changing size was a possibility, I just didn’t think it would be so drastic or so soon. It makes me a little sad because my beautiful shoes I wore to my wedding no longer fit. They flop off my heel, and just last October they fit perfectly fine if not a smidge tight. On the best note ever, just like LB, I’m in dire need of new shews. What girl doesn’t want new shoes? Hohohohohohohohooo…

I digress… how does this relate to ballet? Was it really Ballet’s fault? WHY HECK YES IT WAS! My Teacher even noticed, in the middle of me Teacher Assisting she couldn’t help but exclaim after we had finished our changements that my feet were so bendy/curved/arched. She was SO excited. I couldn’t help but exclaim to her I was shopping for new shoes and I’ve dropped a whole size! We were so excited because my feet have become STRONGER! More muscular and otherwise super fine! This lady here has extremely fine ballet feet! Guhuhhhhh… my Teacher said she noticed during pointe work last Friday, but yesterday she just really noticed it. We agreed it was all the extra classes and tendus/degages. The problem I’ve noticed with changing bodies like this, is after it’s made such a large adjustment, like being in your splits or your feet curve more you have to rehabilitate your body to maintain that stretch or the arch. So you’re weak again and now you must get stronger! MORE WORK. Buhhhhh *cry*

Think- when we get our splits, we’ll now have to battement until it’s so high. Stronger abs and hip flexor muscles- NOOOOOOOOO.


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