Yesterday was painful for me. Things were going fine when I arrived early for class. I started my normal warm up, making sure to keep my knees warm with my leg warmers- as they’ve been especially bothering me the days I’ve been in class as of late. Well after our first couple exercises at the barre, our next one involved a fondú on my right knee. No biggy, I knew I might have some pain, oh but it was unbelievable. I did it again, PAIN. I did it another time and I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my face red and a look on my face of disbelief and discomfort. I had to step away from the barre. I wanted to cry, not just because it hurt, but because all the work I’ve been doing to supposedly make my knee better has not helped and if not, makes it feel worse. It affected me all the way through class mentally and physically, and also in my teacher assisting class it affected me more physically. We did jetés away from the barre and to plié on one bent leg and swing out the other and then to straighten  it. That whole motion of down up was pain. I pulled through regardless. If not my worst jetés in a while.

I’m sure you’re wondering now if I have an injured knee. No, I don’t. For the most part it’s a perfectly healthy twenty something y/o knee. Just some of the workings around my knee inflame from being stressed out by improper movement attributed to my lack of butt strength. Yeah. My butt is making my knee hurt.

Yesterday though I don’t know what happened. Most likely my knees are beginning to give way to the added stress of so many hours of class and the rigors of standing for long hours in retail. I am not kind to my knees, not as much as I should be. I’m wondering if my knees are retaliating. Getting super inflamed and in pain so I’ll reduce what I’m doing so they can feel better. Which isn’t good news because Nutcracker is a month and a couple weeks away.



My knee doesn’t hurt when I walk, just hurts when I try to use it when I bend at the knee. I think I’ll discuss it with my Teacher and she’ll probably say keep off it for the week. I’m very sad.


Sometimes I think it’s just physical therapy causing me more pain. But who knows. Bawwwwww…


4 thoughts on “Pain

    • Thanks, today it’s been giving way going up an down stairs. I’m beginning to hope it’s just because the drastic drop in cold weather and hopefully soon it’ll adjust and not hurt so much. 😡 I hope you heal fast too!

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