Final day for 30 day challenge

30 days ago I started this silly challenge to get me into my splits. Today is my final weigh in with before and after photos of my progress. I have a busy night with my class, my teacher assisting class, and a couple more hours of rehearsal. I’ll be sure to post tonight 🙂

On an unrelated note, Friday during pointe exercises. My teacher lightly took me by the waist while balancing at the barre in passé, and told me to let go of the barre completely. Automatically I wasn’t sure if she could hold my weight or what would happen so I tensed up and ruined my balance a little. She told me to relax and fix my shoulders and back which I automatically did and she rebalanced me where I’m now supposed to balance en pointe. Farther over my box. I’m having to learn how dancers dance en pointe on the front of their boxes. Bawww that’s scary stuff! Now I have to restrengthen my foot/everything for the change in weight.
I make this note because my teacher has a tendency to advance me at things like this before others en pointe. It excites me and challenges me at the same time!!

Now I’m going to ice my knees because they ache. I’ll see y’all tonight!

4 thoughts on “Final day for 30 day challenge

  1. No matter how scary it seems, you just have to keep doing things away from the bar en pointe. Even if you are just walking around the room! We do very little at the bar and it has helped me gain confidence and excel faster.

    As for getting over your box, I have noticed that the girls who have more difficulty with this have less flexible feet. Stretch your foot over good and hard when you warm up no matter how bad it hurts.

    Keep it up girl! I can’t wait to see your split progress! 

    • A lot of us en pointe are beginners and are getting proper placement/body alignment while we practice at the barre before we just go out to the floor not strong enough. That’s how bad accidents and injuries happen. We do step away and do adagio to build strength.

      In going over my box, it’s that my foot is being very flexible and now I have to go beyond my box on top of my pointe shoe now to compensate this flexibility. And I had the podiatrist say I’d never get over my box- ha! Showed you Mr. Knowitall.

  2. I have to tell you that your progress reports on your splits are inspiring the heck out of me. I don’t know if I will ever be able to force these hips of mine in to it, but I am totally going to start working on it!

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