Preparing for Nutcracker

I have a little less than one week away before performances start next Thursday. I have to be really prepared and that includes meal planning.

Despite having lunch served to us on Thursday afternoon, I find a ham and cheese sandwich insufficient for my dietary needs. I also am a picky eater for breakfast (err… in general), it has to be light but high in protein, carbs, and fats to get me through till lunch.

So this morning I got up and dashed to the grocery store for necessities. I stocked up on 9 grain bread, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, eggs and milk. I have some strawberry yogurt for the morning and I made a simple recipe with bisquick from Care’s Kitchen to make me quiches for quick breakfast eats. They freeze well too so I can nuke some later. The great thing about this easy recipe is you can build them any way you want so if you’re picky you can make them as good as you want ’em!


I used 2% organic milk, left over cheese needing to disappear, fried bacon and a yellow onion plus a green one. I should’ve added a a protein additive but I may do that the next round with sausage, potato, and kale :9 om nom nom!!

Much to the chagrin of other dancers I’ll be bringing a tuna fish sandwich after every performance since I need the instant protein replacement. This worked during my 6 hour day at rehearsal I didn’t feel starved by the end of class and could actually wait for dinner at a normal hour. Major plus!

Besides meal planning I’m still waiting on make up to cover my tattoos, and last night I bought false eye lashes to make my eyes dazzle. They were actually a requirement.


I have to prep a make up bag with every thing. Like EVERYTHING. Spare hair nets, a ton of bobby pins, hair spray, rosin, two pairs of tights. Spare leotard, extra clothes, plenty of spare shoes, etc. EVERYTHING. Oh boy. So Saturday is regular rehearsal and Sunday is DRESS rehearsal! I hope I don’t rip the dress.

Now I have to run off and get ready for class!

Hair did


This is some pretty convincing hair device! My teacher/director insisted we get faux hair pieces for our show during the party scene. I was having a heck of a time finding a decent quality piece for a reasonable price. Some local pharmacy stores had some super cheapo ones for $20. Online had decent ones not including shipping around $30. Wig store wanted $300+ for real hair and the mall kiosk had a rinky dink short straight hair one. eBay had some nice ones for $10 or less including shipping but was unreliable in its shipping time. I cruised through the dance websites and remembered Discount dance sold some hair pieces for competitions. I found a nice one for $22.50 with $4.90 shipping making it $27.40 and get here in at least a week.

Came today after ordering it on the 20th so pretty quick! It’s a nice quality set of curls in a dark brown a little lighter than my hair but it’ll work. It’s composed if a stretchy net that had an elastic cinch that was stretched over a hair claw. I thought the claw would work best but turns out with my bun not so much. So removed the claw which wasn’t too hard and cinched the net a little placed over my bun and placed a bobby pin to hold it. Wa la! Instant do! I likey!!

So if you’re ever in the need for your hair instantly did, I highly recommend the Discount Dance ones :B

Had rehearsal tonight and I thought I could get out early but nope. Got out of the studio at 8, so clocked in four hours.

I let my toe nails grow out during my small break during thanksgiving. Cut them all before class and did some pointe work and my toes hurt now. Bawwwwwww


I’ve been struggling a little with my battements. Yesterday was the first time in a while that I can remember that we did 3 consecutively after doing two slow ones. I stumbled upon this video of girls working on their battements on the floor and I thought it was a great idea to help strengthen my core and my hip flexors. It’ll also increase and/or keep up my flexibility. I can’t wait to try these!

Dead Tired


I woke up dead tired yesterday probably because I was catching up on bad sleep from earlier in the week. Yesterday though I spent six hours in the studio and left my water bottle and powerade behind. Besides that it was stretching and rehearsal. I feel I still need lots of practice!! I think I’ll wear my chacotts on stage for my doll performance hoping my shanks won’t snap on me. I don’t think they will, but my chacotts are super bendy.

Rehearsal though is always after class and I’m so bushed and tired! I can’t wait for thanksgiving!



My Sensei challenged me in a very incognito way to up my foot strength. She told be before class I could bring in a pair of dead pointe shoes and de shank them use them in class when I TA.

1. I do not have a real pair of dead pointe shoes yet.
2. My first pair are too big and the TMT shank is securely glued to the shoe.
3. I have a pair of Bloch suprimas I heavily dislike.

Settled! I’ve already taken the liberty to pry the first shank mostly out, fiddling with glue on the end/toe box area. Bye Bloch suprimas! You were a bad choice but it was best I didn’t buy you at full price! Now I will utilize you regardless!



Most professional ballerinas actually don’t like heels. I must say because of my knees heels aren’t my favorite things to stand in- but I do love them. Just as much as my hand bags. I finally invested in a shoe rack, and I love it! And so does my cat.

Honestly though, I could use more shoes. Brightly colored too.

My brain is dying

While at work today I noticed I was fairly light headed. I struggle with this constantly because my metabolism is so high. My body instantly incinerates anything I consume and despite eating healthy my body thinks that’s being silly. I do not get enough fat in my diet. I try to get a daily caloric intake of 2,000 or more but that’s a struggle because my stomach does not want to eat maybe more than 1,600+.

I guess that’s why they want dancers to eat 6 small meals a day. So now I have to have like sandwich plans laid out for the day or something. UGH. I hate meal planning! It’s getting to that point where I get light headed here and there frequently despite my best efforts to eat as much protein, fat, and carbs I can get my hands on. It’s just never enough and leaves me feeling faint.

Guess I’m going to have to journey with you guys on my meal alteration. So… six meals a day plenty of carbs, proteins, and fats.

While researching some things I found a cool online dance magazine, Dance Informa, with really helpful and informative articles on health- my favorite kind hur hurrr :B Some of my favorite articles so far:

5 super foods for dancers

Protein needs for dancers

Swan Lake Quiz

2011 Christmas Gift Ideas


I do declare


So on some nights for our nutcracker performance I’m a party guest. I got to pick out my dress and this is it! I’ll get a big fluffy bridal petticoat to make it floofy and not keep stepping on the hem. The dress was made some time in the 50s/60s. Had to be a prom dress of some sorts lol! I love it and my teacher wants me to jazz it up a bit. Make a bigger velvet waist sash and back bow. Trim the neckline ruffle with matching velvet ribbon and bows with roses and one on either side of the sleeve. Ahhh, it’ll be even cuter! Then make a choker of velvet ribbon too. My gosh Nutcracker is coming so quickly. I had to order special make up to hide my tattoo 😦 thought I could get away with it. Lame.

A review:

You may have recently seen my post about my dance haul! I was a little worried about it, but overall excited too. I needed many new things for my upcoming Nutcracker performances, a nude leotard, new tights, jazz shoes, and some new things for my pointe work. I stuck originally with plans to make purchase from Discount Dance, far better prices than any of the local dance stores and I don’t have to throw elbows with dance Moms in the local shops. My only disappointment about Discount Dance is shipping. It’s fairly hefty and there weren’t any ongoing promotions for me to take advantage of. Despite me purchasing around $82.60 worth of items, I’d still be looking at paying an additional $11.43 to ship them with a grand total of $94.03.

One of the major things I was looking for more cheaply was my uber cheaply made lambs wool toe pads made by Bunheads called “fluffs“. I found them at my local shop for $16!! It’s just lambs wool woven together and then serged on the sides. Lambs wool naturally compresses with pressure and moisture/warmth and by using them in my shoes they began to lose a little of their padding. I either wanted to solve the issue in finding replacements for cheaper or add lambs wool in general to the mix to see what would work. That way I could continue using my expensive lambs wool padding for a while despite them now flattened, but the loose lambs wool still cushioning where necessary.

When I first searched Discount Dance months ago looking for the same pads after I bought them, I didn’t find them any where after using the search bar or browsing the accessories. I thought too bad, I guess I’ll have to pay $16 every time :/ wah wahhh… When I decided to make my performance purchase I figured I might as well get other things I need for dance too but not go over a huge budget. Well with my necessities and the shipping I was certainly paying a lot more than I thought necessary even if it was considered a discount dance shop!!


Plus side was I found the “fluffs” for $12!

Well, weighing in my options, I decided to check to see through my googlefu if there was any other websites that could offer me what I was looking for cheaper. Actually I was looking to see if I could find anywhere else that sold “fluffs” for cheap too. I found . A very generic name and a very plain basic website. A lot of stock footage as opposed to the guest visitor photo shoots and model casting at Discount Dance. Though it’s taken a while for Discount Dance to even appear as it does today. I browsed through their website and apparently they cater to dance schools mostly. A lot of basic supplies like class leotards, nude leotards, skirts, some basic warm ups and things. A basic selection of current and popular pointe shoes, jazz shoes, ballet slippers, tap, tights, etc. Of course leading is Capezio and Bloch, Eurotard and Mirella. Their selection is not as vast as Discount Dance, yet everything I needed was there down to my fluffs! They have a simple ongoing promotion for $100 orders receive free shipping. Well if I was going to pay almost $95 with shipping, why don’t I pay the full $100 and get more out of it? So I took a gamble and before placing any order I did check out the bottom of the front website. Really important to check, they usually display badges of BBB or paypal or google safe buyer cart systems, and to have those on your website you have to jump through some hoops as a store owner to put those on there. Also thoroughly reading the “contact us” info gave me a physical address and return information, shipping details, and a little bit about themselves. Grammatically correct, good spelling, and other simple things like this are key signs to say the website is pretty legit. If they have a phone number and you’re still wary, you can always give it a call and they do have a 1-800 number. I decided to go with the buy and made a purchase.


Their prices were either lower, higher, or at same cost at times with Discount Dance. VERY acceptable in certain circumstances I feel. Not to mention I got a nice wrap skirt and super warm leg warmers. I may have paid extra, but I got more for it than having to pay any shipping at all. Personally worth if, especially if you’re searching for basics. Their website is fairly new so despite their reviews tabs no one has provided any. I’ll definitely order from them again if I need to buy plenty of basics in a big order.

Shipping was prompt and by UPS ground. I received email notice that my order was processed and packaged for shipping, then given another message when the package was accepted with tracking number to watch it’s progress. I was concerned about my Jazz shoes because sizing is always iffy on dance shoes. They are a smidge small but I can deal with it and since I don’t have actual jazz classes I won’t use them that frequently to bother me- despite scrunching my second toe they’d find fabulously fine and are VERY comfortable.

Another concern is when reading the return/exchange policy. Any time you decide to return an item, if you don’t decide to exchange it with anything else they’ll alter the discount that may have been applied to your purchase.

“If your original order had qualified for and received any special discounts, such as a volume discount or free shipping promotion, and by returning your item the “final” order would not have qualified for the discount, the discount originally awarded will be deducted from the refunded amount.” from their shipping & return info. This put me in a little bit of a bind as Discount Dance’s preferred method of exchange is you just returning one item and at the same time buy another and just wait till the cost evens itself out. If my Jazz shoes did not fit me at all, I’d end up having to spend extra time to exchange them by shipping, waiting for their acceptance, then processing and shipping out a new pair of shoes just so I wouldn’t have any issues with my free shipping. So close to when I need my shoes for performance that turn around time is extremely difficult.

Maybe they’ll change it in the near future, we shall see.