Précipité – Meaning “to precipitate.” A move used frequently to prepare for another move. The dancer extends one leg forward, does a small jump to switch and extend the second leg.

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You tired of me talking about my splits? Well let’s talk about Friday class. It involves today’s word Precipite! Described by my teacher as a glissade that has pointed feet that precursors a grand jete. This badly described situation is hard business, on top of executing a GRAND jete. Which our teacher would like us to inhale a big breath at the height of our leap and land in fourth plié without a huge thunk. Too bad that ain’t happening.

One, we all fail miserably at the precipite. Two, everyone was doing sauté de chats.

We spent a tender moment precipeteing our hearts out to everyone’s frustration. Very few of us got it down.

I wore my chacotts in class for comfort. It’s weaker shank also helped me exercise my foot beyond my box. I was balancing en passé with out the barre pretty well. Usually my sudden thought exclamation of “I’m holding it!” ruined my balance. It was also beneficial the last time I used my chacotts I rubbed the platforms in rosin- love! Most definitely helped with slippage. I’m beginning to agree, dirty broken in pointe shoes are far more beautiful than new.

Back to the word of the day… I can’t help but think of my own definition. A move that you scoop up a whole bunch of energy before the big shebang! Like Halloween is the precipite of Thanksgiving, and Black Friday is the precipite of Christmas. Time to getcho grand jete/big move on for the Holidays!

We also gained a new adult body. She’s a great dancer! We were doing cabriolets and I did one unst unst! I told my Teacher and she said it was probably great because I’m good at jumps *gasp* compliments. Make my heart swell. I’m sorry, I have to admit… Seeing jealous glances when I do something right or good remarked by teacher is a smile inducer and confidence builder. I was also screaming across that floor in bourres. The teacher assisting classes with tendus and degages are total feet strengthening work outs- you Parisian ballet masters have got it down! As of late my only tears come from frustration of my “job”. I need to turn this around ASAP!

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