Monday and Fridays are big days for me. I spend over four hours in class in succession. I really don’t have a break, maybe 15 min to jam snacks into my pie hole. I thought I’d share my plethora of snacks I take with me that keep me energized and partially satiated until I get home to devour a whole cow. Okay not a whole cow, but a really nice chunk of it my Husband has prepared for me :9


Fruits & Berries – Raspberries are a great source of energy! They’re tasty and some times sweet or tarty and it’s NATURAL! Nature’s candy – eeee! Except they’re seasonal. Strawberries are good sweet/tarts too (seasonal)! Bananas for potassium, easy eating, soft on my sensitive stomach, comes in it’s own wrapper (like I said- nature’s candy!) Bananas are not seasonal but are imported from tropical areas. Apples, their skins are full of vitamins! And caramel adheres to it easier, haha! They can be sweet or tarty too, they’re filling and they have great texture. Also seasonal but bountiful. Since I live in Washington state we’re a huge producer of apples so I’m never really in short supply. They carry through the winter well if stored properly in a cool dry place surrounded by newspaper- didja know that?! You could buy a bushel of apples to preserve, eat fresh, and do all sorts of things and then try and store them through the winter until spring. You’ll find that some apples travel across the world to supermarkets, namely New Zealand. Which is kinda weird I think, flying a whole buncha apples from one side of the globe to the other. I’ll just wait till a new batch comes out in the fall. Grapes too, easy peasy to travel with those guys. I am not a raisin fan.

Nuts! Almonds are a biggy for me, peanuts, a can of mixed nuts are just plain good. Peanut butter too. Protein, vitamins and minerals, energy!

Whole grain crackers or hawaiian bread. Whole grain crackers to spread cheese, fruit, or pb. Or pair with salami or other meats. Hawaiian bread is a sweet white roll. I get a bag of four for a 1.00 and eat a half a bag a rehearsal. Plenty of carbs to fill up my energy bar. It’s nicely paired with a salty salami meat!

Cheese – String cheese, little wedges of laughing cow cheese, or those tiny babybel cheeses. Spread it on breads, fruit, or eat as is om nom nom nom. Good protein and lactose om nom nom nom…

Veggies – celery, broccoli, carrots, green or red peppers. Cream cheese, the laughing cow swiss cheese, yogurt veggie dips, pb, or even hummus! So good. Hummus is made from beans which are high in protein and carbs, hummus is one of my favorite things to eat after ballet with garlic pita bread- be sure to brush your teeth after that haha!

Dark chocolate covered pretzels – carbs, salt, cocoa, and sugar. Om nom nom!

Meat – salami!!! Fats, protein, and … fats! Deli sandwich meat, honey ham or other goods. Chicken and turkey if you want to be extra healthy, but I always like salty.

I also bring one bottle of water and one bottle of powerade. Powerade isn’t the BEST thing to drink because of it’s sugars, added preservatives and dyes, and the fact it has little to no juice properties- but it does supplement necessary minerals when one is sweating them all out. For the first half our of class of I drink my water, then I can feel my energy draining and drink the powerade which will make me feel better. Powerade is expensive on it’s own, but if you find a good deal at your local grocery you can make it last! I stock up when I see the price at $.50 a bottle and buy 20 which will last me most of the year. Otherwise I see them sporadically sold in supermarkets from 1.30 to 3.00!!! Scary prices, haha!!

What do you snack on to power up through the day after an exhausting activity?

Seriously- now I’m really hungry.



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