Final day!!


So close, may have ’em in another 30 😀

Edit 11/06/12 –

October 5th 2012, before:

My back leg is straighter, my front leg calf is on the floor, and in general I am much closer to the floor. Though I didn’t get my splits, I was quite successful at getting really close! I’m not far off, but I also still need to push my right leg more since my left side is my best.

2 thoughts on “Final day!!

    • Thanks! I am still not completely down, I’m very close but a lot of the time choreography got in the way and I did less work at home improving it. I thought I would do more stretching when I was recovering from surgery, but it turns out that you start back to -0 when you’ve gone through surgery. I’m still trying to get back my normal flexibility.
      I am hoping to work on my middle/straddle splits but those are of course harder. Especially with age. You need to really open up your hips and as I’m a side sleeper I have a tendency to reset any progress.

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