I do declare


So on some nights for our nutcracker performance I’m a party guest. I got to pick out my dress and this is it! I’ll get a big fluffy bridal petticoat to make it floofy and not keep stepping on the hem. The dress was made some time in the 50s/60s. Had to be a prom dress of some sorts lol! I love it and my teacher wants me to jazz it up a bit. Make a bigger velvet waist sash and back bow. Trim the neckline ruffle with matching velvet ribbon and bows with roses and one on either side of the sleeve. Ahhh, it’ll be even cuter! Then make a choker of velvet ribbon too. My gosh Nutcracker is coming so quickly. I had to order special make up to hide my tattoo 😦 thought I could get away with it. Lame.

4 thoughts on “I do declare

  1. I do dance ballet and I was just wondering when did you get on point and hat does it take to get on? I’m 12 and I go to an all ballet studio and I really want to get on point and was just wondering.

    • There are a lot of factors and it ranges from teachers/studios.

      Here are some basics:

      Growth – are you still growing? Are your bones still susceptible to dis figuration from contorting your foot in an unnatural way, ie. being en pointe.

      Strength – your feet, toes, ankles, abs, back, and arms, if not your entire body needs to be heavily toned. It will get stronger with pointe, but if you are lacking strong abdominal muscles it is very hard to pull up en pointe. I have felt muscles I’ve never used before in the depths of my abdomen/pelvic region when pulling up en pointe for certain moves or jumps. It is amazing how you can command your body to do such things with great strength.

      Comprehension – you need to be able to understand advanced technique. You need to be able to comprehend advanced barre routine. You need to be able to translate terms and combination with out much thought. This way you can concentrate on translating going from bourres in demi pointe with locked knees to how you flutter your knees and take tiny steps en pointe. It gets even more complex learning everything over en pointe.

      Consistency – you need to be taking at least 2 classes a week not including a beg. pointe class. When you miss days of dance work you lose a lot of what you just built up. You are now two weeks behind everyone. You have to consistent in your attendance and your technique.

      Perseverance – if you want to be en pointe you have to have an obsession almost. Not an unhealthy one, but one that shows you’re committed. I read books recommended by a lot of teachers, I read forums. I discovered my foot and toe type. I practiced hard and took corrections. I practiced at home. I looked up brands of popular shoes, who wore them, where did they originate from, people’s reviews. I researched the come uppins of pointe work. I even borrowed books from the library.

      Talk with your instructor. If they are good they will tell you what they’re looking for, what they want to see you improve on to get you to pointe. They’ll give you a better time frame and you may be able to shorten it with all of the above.

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