Hair did


This is some pretty convincing hair device! My teacher/director insisted we get faux hair pieces for our show during the party scene. I was having a heck of a time finding a decent quality piece for a reasonable price. Some local pharmacy stores had some super cheapo ones for $20. Online had decent ones not including shipping around $30. Wig store wanted $300+ for real hair and the mall kiosk had a rinky dink short straight hair one. eBay had some nice ones for $10 or less including shipping but was unreliable in its shipping time. I cruised through the dance websites and remembered Discount dance sold some hair pieces for competitions. I found a nice one for $22.50 with $4.90 shipping making it $27.40 and get here in at least a week.

Came today after ordering it on the 20th so pretty quick! It’s a nice quality set of curls in a dark brown a little lighter than my hair but it’ll work. It’s composed if a stretchy net that had an elastic cinch that was stretched over a hair claw. I thought the claw would work best but turns out with my bun not so much. So removed the claw which wasn’t too hard and cinched the net a little placed over my bun and placed a bobby pin to hold it. Wa la! Instant do! I likey!!

So if you’re ever in the need for your hair instantly did, I highly recommend the Discount Dance ones :B

Had rehearsal tonight and I thought I could get out early but nope. Got out of the studio at 8, so clocked in four hours.

I let my toe nails grow out during my small break during thanksgiving. Cut them all before class and did some pointe work and my toes hurt now. Bawwwwwww


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