Preparing for Nutcracker

I have a little less than one week away before performances start next Thursday. I have to be really prepared and that includes meal planning.

Despite having lunch served to us on Thursday afternoon, I find a ham and cheese sandwich insufficient for my dietary needs. I also am a picky eater for breakfast (err… in general), it has to be light but high in protein, carbs, and fats to get me through till lunch.

So this morning I got up and dashed to the grocery store for necessities. I stocked up on 9 grain bread, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, eggs and milk. I have some strawberry yogurt for the morning and I made a simple recipe with bisquick from Care’s Kitchen to make me quiches for quick breakfast eats. They freeze well too so I can nuke some later. The great thing about this easy recipe is you can build them any way you want so if you’re picky you can make them as good as you want ’em!


I used 2% organic milk, left over cheese needing to disappear, fried bacon and a yellow onion plus a green one. I should’ve added a a protein additive but I may do that the next round with sausage, potato, and kale :9 om nom nom!!

Much to the chagrin of other dancers I’ll be bringing a tuna fish sandwich after every performance since I need the instant protein replacement. This worked during my 6 hour day at rehearsal I didn’t feel starved by the end of class and could actually wait for dinner at a normal hour. Major plus!

Besides meal planning I’m still waiting on make up to cover my tattoos, and last night I bought false eye lashes to make my eyes dazzle. They were actually a requirement.


I have to prep a make up bag with every thing. Like EVERYTHING. Spare hair nets, a ton of bobby pins, hair spray, rosin, two pairs of tights. Spare leotard, extra clothes, plenty of spare shoes, etc. EVERYTHING. Oh boy. So Saturday is regular rehearsal and Sunday is DRESS rehearsal! I hope I don’t rip the dress.

Now I have to run off and get ready for class!


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