Nutcracker the drama

Today we had performance twice. One at 9:45 and one at 12:15. Mostly school children. My first run was AWFUL. Not because I had jitters but because I was do tired and not warmed up and completely spaced out.

Second one I didn’t want the same mistake so I totally focused and NAILED it! Then the girls and I had lotsa fun taking pictures in the back.

We’ve been having issues with mustaches staying on so we finally lost ’em (twice on me during performance) and finally used makeup and painted it on. We were so happy!

Unfortunately there was confusion about Saturday night and the solo given to me. So I’m only doing it at night. It kinda tumbled into something nasty and I was pretty upset because I tried to not associate myself with any drama. Either way the person who shares the solo with me is pretty much avoiding me.

If anything I’ve learned so far is camaraderie and supportiveness with your fellow dancers is WAY better than being distant or uncaring or uninvolved.

There’s a lot of back talking about other dancers in the snow and flower group and that’s really sad. 😦

More if I can make time!



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