So, I got back from Disneyland on Sunday evening. Totally wiped from two days of non stop walking and standing. I must say, I’m a growing fan of California Adventure because you can consume alcohol while walking around the park- and there’s pretzels everywhere!! A very satisfactory trip.

My Husband has already booked a trip for August on our Anniversary. I did not go with him this trip, it was my Bestie and me.

Well- I got back to class Monday. A day where I teach and ballet. I’m happily chatting with my Teacher/Mentor and hand over some chocoalte delights I brought back from DL for her. I’m getting the barres set up and chat chat chat. She ambles upstairs to go do things and some of the other girls wander down in.

Teacher comes back downstairs and walks right up to me- looking me straight in the eyes and goes, “You know, I’ll need you now to take over the class when my Daughter gives birth.” Uhhhh… BIG BOMB DROP. She mentions she’ll start taking better notes and will inform me what music with what class and… @.@

I had a feeling this would happen- and I’m SO excited and scared at the same time. I still mess up occasionally even for them! Your brain wanders and then you’re doing it all wrong. I feel bad, but I know my Teacher trusts me and has high expectations.

So now, I’m going to memorize and study my butt off. MORE RESPONSIBILITY JUST LANDED ON ME- shoulders- heavy…

Class was otherwise same ol’ same ol’. Of course, not really. We learned a new step and I already forgot the name… but you jump with two feet pointed in the air and then land with a foot in passé devant. Then you leap again but just with one foot, and in the air your feet both must be pointing, and then alternate landing in passé devant. THEN start trying to turn- with ARM positions. Second, 5th, second 5th. Fuuuuuuuuuudge.

We also did a beautiful combination that I thoroughly enjoyed. You grand plie, sousou, open arms from high 5th to ecarte, then turn head, switch arms, then turn head, switch arms. Bring in to 5th then elonge into 3rd arabesque, sousou turn (your’e still in sousou anyways- so just turn) plie chasse to fourth, arabesque arms, tendus back, attitude derrière, balance, tombe pas de bourre, plie, then you’re facing the opposite direction and ready to begin again.

Wow! I remembered. This is a good thing because I could barely remember a year ago how to do a tombe pas de bourre pas de chat. Like- that was difficult. Like I wanted to cry over it difficult. Same thing with balance, balance, waltz turn. Now I can do that without much worry. My Teacher is working with me on my leaps though. Much to my dismay I’m a good jumper. I don’t think it’s bad- but it’s not my favorite thing to do. I dunno why, I just don’t enjoy jumps. Even though I admittedly am good at them. We’ve been working on my grand jetes, and they are looking high and nice. Just have to straighten my back leg more and continue to work on my splits. I’d rather be awesome at turns, but I can’t get the ratio right and my body is uncoordinated causing me often to spin off axis. :B Durrr

Teaching though is always a pleasure. I love it even more when the girls start clicking with what I tell them, and then they also doubly get complimented by my teacher for looking beautiful.

One of my favorite students, absolutely stunning! Wasn’t in class, she admires me too, so it always sparks my self awareness to be better and try harder and be a good role model! They learn so fast and they grow so fast. It’s painful though to have to do tombes the slowest way possible some times though. Highlights though are when we start learning something new at the barre and they don’t even realize it’s preparation to do pirouettes. We’ve been working at fouettees at the barre. The strength of my leg is more than my weak back can handle and throws me off kilter. Did you know it seems easier to do things en pointe like turns and fouettees than it is on demi. Demi is way hard. To many factors play in where your weight can be distributed and/or get in the way by bones. Must. have. stronger. feet. and bones.


The Nutcracker DVD is available for sale now! Going to buy it tomorrow!

There are always going to be bad days

And the best thing is- everyone has them. They can be frequent or they can be just that one out of no where.

Today was not a good day for me. I probably shouldn’t have danced in the first place.

My brain was scattered because I’m fighting a cold (again with the sickness!) I missed class Thursday. I was overall weak and incoherent. I made a lot of mistakes but made a valiant effort.

For every mistake I recognized I could only laugh at myself because yes, we know better. Everyone makes mistakes and we have those days where our brain isn’t in the game.

I’m lucky because my teacher knows when I’m not performing my best based off of illness or injury. She will not pick on me for this.

Another positive is to recognize your mistakes and try and fix it before your teacher realizes.

My teacher attempted to adjust me as I was adjusting myself on pointe. She patted at me and commented that I knew what I was doing just weak from break. (Agreeably so and a few pounds heavier- this is that holiday weight people talk about! I kinda miss my nutcracker body.)

Know that while everyone is in croise and you’re facing the complete opposite for half of the barre- it’s okay. We’ve all been there. You’ll come back around and show ‘me next class!

I’ve been a little busy because:

A) this time Friday I will be finding grub for dinner at Disneyland

B) our computer fan was being an obnoxious butt and needs to be replaced. So I’m out my desktop and have been meaning to do some real articles.

In the mean time- we’ll see what happens!

Will I get better? Will I get the Saturday off for the master class? To be continued!