I had my first pilates class today! Only four of us, three older peoples and myself! A very simple and basic course for beginners and it was really nice. I have little strength in some ways and good flexibility. I didn’t feel much fatigue or sweat much if at all my first time but by the end I could feel it, and my abs were definitely engaged and working! My “Bingo” arms as I’ve heard someone put it, felt USED. I actually utilized the muscles! Tomorrow morning I’ll take my first yoga class, it’s not hot yoga, just regular yoga .

I’m doing all of this not only to better myself and my ballet, but to get ready for the Sun King Dance intensive!!! I’ve decided to take the one in Vancouver, WA. My Husband and I will spend the week there, he putzing about and myself balleting it up!

Following this upcoming week I’ll teach my FIRST class. ERR NERVOUS. I still feel underprepared, I need to learn to bark orders, count, watch and improve. We ballerinas are trained in multitasking though.

Right now I’m about to sew up my pointe shoes again to see if I can get it to fit my arch better as my foot has reshaped itself again. Tomorrow I also have a master class that I’ll feel actually capable of doing this year without much mess up as I did last year. AWESOME. Charge my brain or something.

Also- today is my Husband’s birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE OF MY LIFE! :B


2 thoughts on “Pilates!

  1. I love Pilates and Yoga. I take Pilates Reformer once a week and teach/take yoga. I think both will be a great compliment to your ballet practice. What class will you be teaching? Is it Barre perhaps?

    • I’ll be teaching girls 7-13 basic barre technique and adagio(slow technique center floor/away from the barre.)
      The Pilates class on Friday morning was great! I’ll have to write about it. There were things I liked about the yoga and also really disliked. I’ll try and make a post tonight. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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