Dance like someone is always watching

Yesterday in class while my Teacher and Mentor was going through her musical CDs figuring out songs to use for our class she went through a number of Cabaret classics. AWESOME. I’m a big fan of Cabaret. I recognized Two Ladies, and Wilkomen. She said I was one of the few “younger” dancers who knew the song and was always disappointed when people didn’t recognize the song or it’s up beat silly theme. If you’ve never seen Cabaret here’s Two Ladies from the original film from 1972 :

Unfortunately I had a had time with the barre exercise we did with it. Because I was thinking about the stupid film not what my teacher was instructing. Two dégagés devant, two degages derrier, two degages a la second, then four coupés then passé hold and move devant. Repeat and your working foot should end in the back the second time around. We did our developpes to Tomorrow Belongs to Me:

Sadly the girls had NO IDEA how sad this song is for me. As beautiful as it is, it’s used as part of the Nazi movement gaining momentum in a subplot with in the film.

I’ve taken to heart what my Teacher always tells us, and it’s not just for her voice to be heard, but we must always dance like we’re performing. That means ingesting the meaning of the songs and expressing the feelings it evokes. Even if we’re in class, she insists we perform at our peak because when you get on stage you have more nerves and may perform less. She’s alway saying practice makes permanent. Practice the way it’s supposed to be done and your body will remember it instead of your half assed attempt. So when at the barre, even when you’re sweaty and tired, do your port de bras and eppaulmet like you’re the SWAN QUEEN!

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