As I sit here after class, munching on golden oreos and re-heated coffee I’m finally getting my rear in gear and posting about my Master Class I took back in the beginning of February. This was the second time I had taken this master class with Mr. C. It’s an excellent class but familiar because Mr. C and my Mentor have taken ballet together before. Which is nice. They’re different but not drastically so. Mr. C learned from Mr. Jofferey directly. Because I have taken more classes extensively opposed to last year I found myself capable of keeping up better. Unfortunately, none of the videos reflect this improvement. Luckily and too bad at the same time I don’t have last years to compare to for you guys. But here you go- VIDEO OF MOI!

I’m in the middle looking silly. With the red flower in my hair.

I’ve cleaned up my foot when it slides in rond de jambes. My toes are pointing up instead of sliding along the floor.

I really do enjoy taking classes from other teachers. Sometimes though I get stuck in the mentality what I’ve been doing with my teacher is the only acceptable thing. This isn’t so because it’s based of the choreographer. So if you have a new teacher you should heed their preferences or you’re both going to be on each other’s nerves. It’s also not your place to say who’s right or wrong of you learned it such in such a way. Just take the correction and adhere to it. You will be a better dancer for this because you are the putty to the choreographer and they are the artist. Being able to change style by request shows your flexibility as a dancer in a different way. A very good, strong, and life long trait to have.

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