Shoe Search cont.

Still forever on the search for shoes, I’ve gone through blochs (Axis, Suprima MKII, Jetstream) Chacott Veronese II, So Danca Cecilia Kerche Bayaderé. I’ve decided to chat about each one by themselves reviewing likes and dislikes with photos!


My ultimate frustration with my latest shoes, the So Danca and the Chacotts were different from one another. The So Danca didn’t fit my arch any longer so I felt I was supporting myself in my own shoe instead of the shoe doing it’s job. The Chacotts ended up being too supple and soft to support my foot when my foot warmed up and became very loosey goosey, completely disabling any sort of support. I was swinging my arms like an orangoutang trying to stay en pointe and to just do a simple sous sous, soutenu.


Since I had my Bloch Jetstreams lingering around doing nothing I decided to give them a try, break them in and see how I like them. They were for the most part supportive. Far more supportive than the So Danca and the Chacotts. They were very noisy since they didn’t have any noise cancelation like the Axis had, and I still have problems with the right shank skewing under my arch. I have since learned that if you have a skewed shank it means the shoe is too narrow for your foot. Oh.

The other problem with the Jetstreams was that despite my foot being winged you couldn’t tell because my foot was literally slanted in the shoe. So while I pointed my shoe was making it look like I was pointing straight ahead instead of winging off to the side. Which I’ve been working on… almost like a mad woman. Almost. It was to the point where my teacher was so disappointed in the appearance she grabbed my foot in a dégagé and tried to push it in a winged position only to realize I was already winged and that the shoe gave the illusion I wasn’t. Which she then exclaimed she didn’t like the shoes.

UGH. Agreed. They were not my favorite pair of shoes. I liked them a lot more because that had to have been the biggest platform I had every worn before. SO easy to balance opposed to my very tiny platforms.

I decided to give a go for the Gaynor Mindens. I did my thorough research on them before giving them a try again. My local dance store didn’t have the right sizing and it just wasn’t going well during fitting. They seemed to not be so sure what they were doing to much of my frustration. So today I ventured out to the one in the University area and they were a little more responsive to my questions and queries. Though when I brought up how rumpled the shoe looks on me she pushed that aside thinking it was only because of the look I was complaining about- even though reading the fitting guides and watching the fitting videos told me never to wear a GM shoe with excessive bulging and wrinkling.

The information by GM also talked about the extra fitting cushions. I called it a fit kit, and I’m not sure if that’s exactly it’s name, but…We decided to try a medium box despite my narrow foot since my foot was bulging in a narrow, and sinking in a large box. I was also amazed that every time I told them my street size, 7.5 they’d still pull down an 8, when GM says go a full size up to a full size and a half up from your street size. Either way, I ended up with a medium box and using the box liner to stop my from sinking. There was small slippage, but not grossly so. I’ll try them on again today with my teacher to see how she likes them on me. They are the sleek version. Sleek vamp and heel. I get teacher approval today I might be able to sew them up and use them for class on Friday… but I’m not positive just yet! We’ll see.



My Dog decided to stretch right over them as I was taking a photo. Thanks, Dog. My # combo is 8.5M/3-211-33 if you’re interested! I got a softer shank because the standard version is very stiff. I don’t know if my teacher wants me to go softer. She likes us to perform in demi, and I do too. I like to have my demi mobility.

Still waiting for the OK to sew up these babies. I always recommend researching your shoes you’re interested in trying, their fitting guides if they have any, and being confident in how you wear your shoes, what your likes/dislikes are, and not being afraid to tell them you don’t like something and why. My Fitter today was asking if I was arguing over the bulging and folds because of just aesthetics and it wasn’t. Which I found insulting and ill informed of her. So… That’s why it’s GOOD to go with knowledge! Gives you POWER!

He-Man wielding POWER! Thanks


One thought on “Shoe Search cont.

  1. I have the same pair and I LOVE THEM SO VERY MUCH. I have 8.5M with sleek heel and supple shank. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. The only complaint I have is that the shoe isn’t as pretty on the foot as some other manufacturers, but getting the sleek style definitely helps. I am thinking about trying an even softer shank the next time because I love the broken-in feel of a point shoe and Gaynors stay stiff longer than other brands of shoe.

    I hope this work for you. They are certainly heaven sent for me and Ms. Disney!!

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