What the what?

Whoever said GM shoes are cheater shoes never danced in them probably. My feet have never worked so hard since my first pair of pointe shoes.

I have to alter the fit/padding some more because both my pinky and ring toes are very sore. As well as my bunion.

I had a lot of frustration over my new shoes, and tiny victories scattered among big disappointments. I was also plagued by knee pain. Today wasn’t a good day and it’s wiped me out physically and emotionally. So I’m going to hole up on my bed till my husband gets home. I should take a bath but I don’t feel like it 😦


2 thoughts on “What the what?

  1. I completely agree!! The first time I wore my GM to class my feet were killing me afterwards!! They even cramped a little while dancing. I totally don’t think they are cheater shoes if you get fitted properly. My opinion is if you get too hard of a shank, and you are just a beginner learning pointe, then the shoes may “cheat” and help more than they should. But once you know what you’re doing and wear the proper shank, I think they are the best shoes out there. I love mine!

  2. I never understood that concept that the shoe does the work either. I mean, really? If you are weak, I don’t care how great the shoe is. You are going to be in a world of hurt. The harder shanks do make your foot curve automatically, but other than that – you do the “work” not the shoe. Like I said before – I am a solid 8 1/2. If u r having pain maybe you should try a 1/2 size bigger. My fit like a dream. Good luck!

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