Monday wasn’t so bad

I taught ballet to my peers and my young ones. I was excited and they were all very excited. I had a natural endorphin high so big I was walking on air all the way home where I proceeded to crash.

Wow! What an experience. I was prepared for the little girls but for my peers I was completely unprepared for that. No music, no regular barre work. It shows I need to memorize things better and come up with fun complex ideas to do at the barre. I did do exercises to focus on a jump we’re preparing for our recital… And I realized there’s still a lot of work for them to get the image.

Jete battu, I think is what it is. You jete like normal but while in the air you beat your swinging leg in the back and then land with the front foot in the back like a jete. So a jete with a beat in it.

Despite me breaking it down for my peer class they still didn’t get it. The frustrations of being a teacher.
Also the bemoaning of staying in a single square for jetes. Really, that’s why you get a square. You have to stay in it. I had problems with some girls in my peer class giving up easily or being too relaxed. They know me too well and they were half ass-ing it because they felt they could around me. I was disappointed.
I was still thrilled with some who were making an effort and even a little sweat over my crap combos. There were also a pair of girls who I feel don’t get enough attention by my Mentor some times but I am focusing on myself so I could be off, but I saw them feel and recognize the corrections I gave them. They SMILED above all.
That was one of the BEST parts was encouraging, motivating, yelling at them to show me themselves through their dance! Show me their beauty, grace, technique, passion!!! I want to see it and feel it!

Ahhhh… I wonder if I’ll be doing the rest of the week too.


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