Gaynor Minden’s Free Stuff!!


GM is pretty awesome. I own the black paw warm up booties which I looooove, a pair of pointe shoes, and some posters I had ordered previously from their FREE STUFF section. Honestly you pay $6 for shipping but I got two mini posters and 3 magnets the other day. I’m really sad I missed out on the trock’s poster… but now I have an Evegnia poster with her in arabesque!! Kermit Yay!!


8 thoughts on “Gaynor Minden’s Free Stuff!!

  1. Do you actually use the warm up booties in class? I’ve always wanted a pair, but I’m afraid ill look ridiculous in class or they won’t be ok in class?! I’d love to hear your feedback on them πŸ™‚

    • It depends on your teacher. I do use them to warm up, especially if I have a short amount of time for warm up like recital and performance. My teacher is aware of my injuries and issues like my right ankle, my right foot, and both my knees. I’m often excused to wear leg warmers around/on those areas during class though its preferred that none is worn during class. Warm up gear = warm up before technique at the barre. She thinks leg warmers is so “80s” she doesn’t realize they never left the ballet world lol.

      My classmates love them and when I walk around in them, usually over my soft shoes soft or pointe, the paw print gets dirty but because it’s no slip it for the most part is not slippery. I really like them πŸ™‚

      • Sounds cool! Maybe I’ll give them a try. We do all of our warm ups in center. So I’m not sure if they’ll be useful for me, but they’re so cute. I usually have time inbetween groups when practicing our recital dances. Maybe I could wear them then? πŸ˜‰

      • When I went from class to Nutcracker, I would have to wait 30 min to an hour before I was to rehearse. That’s when you throw on everything possible to keep your warmed up muscles warm. I’d also pliΓ© and stretch and as much as possible keep warm, limber and agile.

        I should wear my stuff more frequently regardless of the season, but it’s often more important during winter. Right now I haven’t worn them too often but I’ve been arriving later than normal to class (we have 30 min to warm up before class) so sometimes I have a quick warm up without warming up all groups. 😦

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