Massage Therapist

I see a massage therapist. I am super lucky to have her. She is awesome. She listens to what’s bothering me, feels in my body what’s wrong, and is a masochist sadist in ironing out my muscles.

She is a necessary tool in my development as an adult dancer.

Today she crinkled and smoothed out my tight muscles. Helped release and alleviate muscles that couldn’t function properly anymore and enabled me to have better range of motion in my right arm ( the one I’m having problems with in my photo) and left hip.

Without her help I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy ballet as much as I do. No doubt I would get frustrated, irritated that my body was sore and limited, and relegate me to lower classes that I mentally was above.

In conjunction with my chiropractor, things are going nicely. My back cambre is nice and getting farther.

My knee pain is less, things feel good and work better than they had.

If you have the time and they ability to do massage therapy I highly recommend it to improve your ballet.

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