I am so aggro right now. There’s a lot of factors including health issues like my teeth right now. I’m having super sensitivity to hot and cold … just… UGH. Top it off with how long and and hard I’ve been working on our performance piece and how my redacted (cuz I’m a wuss!) and I clash, etc. I’m just finding it difficult to focus on my 30 day challenge. I stretch and work on opening my hips when I can, but it hasn’t been every day. I have a headache right now, and ugh. DESK TO HEAD. I’m just very aggravated right now.

I AM HAPPY though, to see everyone else chugging away at their 30 day!!! That does make me feel better concerning it all. I wish you all the best and hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better and after a relaxing weekend of WATCHING SWAN LAKE AT PNB, and stretching… I’ll be back on my game! GRRR!!

5 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Hope you feel better ASAP! I know what tooth trouble is like, in fact I just had an aggravating trip to the dentist last week (his prognosis was “well, when it hurts so much you can’t stand it we’ll pull it out”)
    I had to slack off on my April challenge to myself last week but I am already seeing improvement so thank you for inspiring me!

    • Thank you! The pain is tapering off a little but randomly I’ll be sensitive to cold and hot. I hate dentists so any dental work worries me.
      I’m happy to hear you’re chugging along! Thank you for inspiring me, too!!
      (What is it with your doctors? They all seem quack-ish and/or uncaring?!)

      • Sadly, I can’t blame my dentist for this one. I was just blessed with completely dreadful teeth! I’ve had so much dental work done over the years that I have become rather resigned to having people’s big old hands in my tiny little mouth.

  2. I think we are all struggling to stay focused. I can’t speak for Ms. Disney, but it has been a daunting task learning our pointe recital dance. WOW it has been rough.

    Find solace in the fact that today is Friday and you have a whole weekend to relax and have a little fun. 🙂

    • Thanks LB, so far in having a wonderful weekend! Husband and I went to the ballet and out to eat! Brunch and dinner! It was a good Saturday despite wearing heels causing me blisters lol.

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