PNB Swan Lake


Husband took me to see the PNB’s Swan Lake, one of many performances for their 40th anniversary. We decided to make reservations for the restaurant located at the McCaw Hall for brunch and had a very relaxing laid back dining experience. Husband wants to do it again next time, haha!

Overall it was nice to see a full performance, and I had chosen the seats for the best advantage to see the technical choreography when they move in patterns on stage. AWESOME! I understand that marley flooring is in and great for reducing slippage, but when every swan turned a squeak followed. 30 swans with mostly squeaks was embarrassing! A girl sitting behind me voiced everything my brain said! “Why are they squeaking so much?” There was some interesting choreographed arms. I could tell they were choreographed because when they danced in a normal combination the flow of their arms and epaulment was better. The stocatto combination in the act I pas de trois had very unelegant arms even my Husband noticed and was perturbed. Also I was embarrassed for the dancer who played Odette/Odile. Her first entrance onto the stage is a jete land in elonge 4th. She tripped. And while she was Odile in the III act, the dancer playing the distraught Odette in the shadows was excellent! Her body really emoted! She out shone the principal dancer- err! It’s not to say she wasn’t lovely or anything, just… Not emo enough I think. Too technical and stiff.
The costumes on the other hand. Gorgeous! The swans were all bedazzled! Super gorgeous and unique! All new costumes for the performance.

The Trocks are in town again in May and I’m going to see if my GFs want to go.

Overall. It was a joy to see the ballet, spend time with my Husband and relax!


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