A History

Ballet is an old art form. Royal Ballet has been doing educational seminars, which is awesome! It helps modernize ballet, make those unfamiliar with it familiar and understanding of why ballet is the way it is. The Royal Opera House is doing a marvelous job in staying current and being one of the best places to be a dancer and or part of the arts ie. opera, stage creation, costume design, etc.! Lucky for us they’ve been sharing this on their popular YouTube channel! Like I said, they’re getting hip with it maaaaaan. Hah! So I share with yee, some ballet history performed by the Royal Ballet.


Ballet Evolved






Degas Era ballet :


1940-50s Royal Ballet

Royal Danish

Vaganova (painful plies and tenuds! OMG)

National Ballet of Cuba

Chinese National Ballet


“Major” Methods of Ballet, an article of quirks that make a method recognizable.



One thought on “A History

  1. I’ve seriously watched these on Youtube like a week ago! They are awesome.. I absolutely love the one of Anna Pavlova.. Technically not the strongest ballerina but she had such character on stage! You can see it in old black and white videos, I can only imagine what she must have been like on stage 🙂

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