Don’t forget to try

The month of April went by so quickly! With full busy weekends, a lot going on at home recollecting, organizing, and cleaning up my life after retail work. Ballet, teacher assisting, and choreography for the recital. My 30 day challenge has been sorely neglected. Which also means my stretching if it had progressed has reverted, so I’m kinda in stretch limbo. If I stretch and warm up a lot before rehearsing to do the attitude I can see small improvement… but no where achieved my goal. WHICH I’M OKAY WITH!

April has been rough but being the optimist I’m always looking at the glass half full.

I know what I need to be better at. I know what I should do and continue to do to try and be better. I will try and recoup some lost time and will always continue to try and try harder šŸ˜€

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