Help me pick my jaw off the floor

I was putting together a packing Intensive Dance list (which I’ll share when it’s complete.) When I realized yesterday there was a hole in my Zenith Bloch soft shoes at the 2nd toe (the one that is prominent when pointing). I have a pair of capezios I got for free to hold me over, but I was meandering through Discount Dance to see what was new, what’s on sale, etc. that I could possibly horde for my summer dancing. I stumbled upon…


MDM Intrinsic Canvas split sole slipper (comes in leather too)

They have technology which supports your arch when your foot is at rest. So those of us who’s arches collapse and need support these shoes are wonderful! Even if your arches don’t collapse, these are great in general because your foot is not straining to hold it’s arch up!!! This will relieve a lot of pain, annoyance, and irritated muscles. I’ve already added a pair to my cart! I can’t wait to try them!


8 thoughts on “Help me pick my jaw off the floor

  1. They look good!! I have the sansha ballet flats, canvas split-sole. They are really nice but unfortunately are very easily worn out…. mine has a hole right at the side/top of my big toe. Really annoying when doing rondes, grand battements and tendus…..

      • I really have to agree on that one.. but still haven’t found others that I really liked so I’m sticking with these ones for now! (Would like to try those you’ve written about though!)

  2. I want to know how these work out for you since my feet could use the support as well. I just bought another pair of Sansha’s to hold me over (not knowing what to buy next) since my old ones were getting pretty gross.

  3. I have a pair of these!! I was kind of fed up with the way my feet looked in grishko performance flats, so I was scrolling through DDS and found these! Unfortunately there were none in my size so I ended out ordering them direct from the company.

    I’ve been dancing in them for about a month and I am in LOVE with these shoes. I don’t really know what full sole slippers are like, but these are amazing! When you are dancing it provides a little extra traction to make it so you are forced to articulate through your foot. When you’re not dancing (standing and waiting) it lets your foot relax while still being supportive. I used to have annoying foot cramps but I haven’t yet with these! They also warm your feet up really nicely…

    Hope they work out for you too!

    OH. Turning too! It’s so easy to turn in these shoes πŸ™‚

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