It took me like 2 hours to do this Liebster thingy, as cool as it is and I love the idea, it takes a lot of time and work to spam everyone. Please don’t be offended if I say I do not wish to do any more. If you want to ask me 11 questions, or heck 100 you’re more than welcome to. I just don’t want everyone to jump through hoops for it all.

Today is Monday! My foot is healing with much rest, as well as much needed exercise to not make it stiff and lose too much strength.

I spent the weekend eating out, and enjoying the new summer block busters, i.e.. Star Trek! You may also have noticed I got to watch the Trockaderos! I will make a review of them tomorrow, or tonight to post tomorrow. Either way, I saw them, they were fantastic, and I’ll continue to see them again every time they’re in town!

Heads up to you Pennsylvania folks, I’ll be visiting for a week long stint in October! My friend is getting married there in her home state. I may be able to swing a class there (I’d LOVE TO) as well as see the ABT! If any of you lovely people would love to meet/coffee/dance/talk I’d love to do it!

I’ll be visiting Las Vegas in July and plan on visiting a Capezio store there for some pointe shoes! Husband and I will also be vacationing for our anniversary in August at Disneyland!!! I have no plans for classes in Anaheim at this time. None in Vegas at this time either.

Do you guys have any plans or dancecations your planning for this year?

One thought on “Seriously…

  1. Aahhhw ABT! Jealous.. As far as my summer goes,I wish I could follow a summer intensive for once! But around here the only summer intensives you can find are for pro’s or aspiring pros…. I’m noooooowhere nere those two 😀

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