New Leotards!


My Mentor was super nice and gave me two of her leotards she no longer uses!

They are mediums and I was worried they would be a little baggy but since regaining weight after Nutcracker they fit wonderfully! They don’t feel oppressively tight like my current leotards which are all smalls. Not to mention since a lot of the noticeable weight gain has been in the chest region, I don’t look like I’m falling out of these leotards, lol.

The cap sleeve is super comfy and made by Capezio, while the princess seam camisole is by Mirella.

My Mentor will bring some more to me to borrow for my intensive. It’s super of her to do this. Saves me a lot of money that I’m already spending for room and the intensive itself.

Also, wanted to mention that as a very string bean-y girl all my life it’s been extremely hard to reach a weight of 3 digits. When I went to get my X-rays earlier this month I weighed in at 112lbs. It has been my goal to weight at least 110lbs, and I’m so excited that I reached it healthily!

4 thoughts on “New Leotards!

  1. oh man. I used to be string-beany, too! Every time I went to a doctor they would grill me about why I was so underweight. Dudes, I don’t know. Ask my genes.
    I now weigh 130 pounds. I can heartily recommend zoloft as a method for gaining weight fast.

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