Vancouver, I made it!!

I made it! I’m getting over my cold but still a little stuffy and plenty cough-y. I’m using my twitter account @nikkibee which is still on private which hopefully I’ll change later tonight. It’s amazing how hard it is to adjust to the heat. So I’m going to call it an early night after I wrap up my dinner.
Tomorrow is check in and placement class, then class!!

All My Stuff

Finally getting a chance to look over my bag that I carried every day from September till June. I don’t get to share it by video and maybe that’s a good thing, it may have taken forever with how much stuff I actually have.

photo 1

photo 2

The bag was purchased in Las Vegas at the NY NY hotel and casino. 4 pairs of flat ballet shoes, 3 canvas 1 leather. Two pointe shoes, Gaynor Minden and Bloch Axis. Bunheads fluffs toe pads nexcare soft tape, bunheads toe spacers, custom made toe prosthetics attached to bunheads ouch pouches, misc. fitting pieces to the GM fit kit.

photo 3

Ballet technique books given to me by my Mentor with notes and class routines and combinations stuffed in. A notebook to write down choreography notes. Class music for the ones I TA if I have to sub. A mechanical pencil. Spare fresh new fluffs, “rubz” foot massager, “smiley” toe tape, another GM fit kit. Bunheads lambs wool, mickey mouse fleece pants (walmart $10 long time ago) pink thigh high leg warmers, GM warm up booties, bloch surpima deshanked shoes.

photo 4

Basic black ballet skirt, lotion, eye drops for contacts, cotton swabs, paper towel, feminine hygiene products, jet glue, a small Mickey Mouse tin with bobby pins, clips, hair net, and pony tail holders. Travel size deodorant, tennis ball, alignment belt, hair brush, sample of huggies wipes. strip of elastic, a nylon sock, satin ribbon, suede tips, stitch kit, scissors, seam ripper, box of safety pins.

It Gets Worse

So… I attribute this all to stress about the intensive. To show how stressed out I get let’s examine the events of this past two weeks.

  • Last ballet class on Monday before the summer break
  • Wednesday dress rehearsal
  • Friday & Saturday performance
  • Weekend relaxing but still mentally freaking out about intensive
  • Monday morning throat issue
  • Tuesday feeling a little better
  • Wednesday, muster through the day sneezing and dry coughing
  • Wednesday night go to bed hopped up on Allegra and three Benadryl
  • Thursday morning groggy from benny and sick – aches, stuffy nose, sneezing, watering eyes, now a normal cough
  • Stay in bed all Thursday
  • Friday : I’m still sick

Right now I have a sinus headache easing in and out depending how stuffed up my sinus is, and a loud nasty cough. Yesterday I tried to pee everything out, I drank so much water and went to the loo too many times to count. I used up a whole tp roll by myself. I’m going to attempt it again today, just keep pushing fluids, rest as much as possible despite trying to pack, and jamming vitamins into my system. Now I’m going to be doubly weak in class. Recovering from a bad cold takes a week at least and I have no time for it.

Do any of you have remedies to make me awesome by Sunday placement class?

I think I need some Pho.


p.s. I was going to make a video about “what’s in my dance bag” so I could clean it out, but because I sound like I have the plague I nixed that. Sorry guys next time. I will be videoing my time in Vancouver though! We’re having our first heat wave of the summer, it’s supposed to be 80°F here in Washington but in Vancouver it’ll be in the 90° F +

Lame Allergies

I have been possessed by an army of strong allergens since Monday. I felt horrible all Monday. Tuesday feeling better and chipper I managed a meager ballet routine and stretch. Today my schedule was full up and didn’t leave any time to ballet. Plus I was annihilated by my histamine system. I’m sniffly, sneezy, dry throat and cough.

I have never in my life been so horribly affected by allergies to this extreme. Even on strong antihistamines I sound and appear sick but I have no fever and don’t feel weak. I just feel worn down from lack of real sleep and all these symptoms. I want them gone! I’ve never had this before living here in Washington! Las Vegas, yes, home- no no allergies. This is so lame.

Here’s hoping to being better before the intensive.

Recital is over!


I have some photos my In Laws took of me yesterday but I kinda look frumpy from the bad lighting.

I barely remember if anything bad/good happend. All I can really think is just before the first show I felt I could care less for this dance, which made me sad. Nutcracker performances was addicting. This was just blah for me.

Now a week wait before… INTENSIVE!!!

Enjoy the Super Moon!!

Cloud & Victory


AB’s blog was offering a discount on these cool ballet tops. I couldn’t help myself and bought one. Luckily it came before I saw my Mentor last and my intensive. So now I will be rocking it at my intensive. It is freaking luxurious!!
My Mentor and classmates loved it! Everyone wanted one haha!

Reflecting Before Summer

Today is the last class before summer break at my school. Wednesday we do have a dress rehearsal and then Friday and Saturday will be our summer recital. I also have two weeks before my dance intensive. Whoooo~ so many mixed emotions. Stress, anxiety, and excitement for my dance intensive. Sadness that I won’t see a lot of my class mates and students for so many months. Getting charged and ready to work all summer on products for sale to put up in the fall, enjoy the summer and traveling with my Husband.

I am so thankful this year I got to be apart of the lives of my “little ones”. It makes me all misty eyed when I realize how many of them look up to me and my “wisdom”. How they yearn for my praise or listen intently for my corrections. Their smiles when my adjustment has clicked and improved their perception of dance. It has definitely been the highlight of my year so far, and I can’t help but thank my Mentor for allowing me this opportunity.

I am super excited to get more training this summer so I can be even better.

This summer after my intensive I hope to take pilates, hip hop, and minimal ballet technique classes.

Rehearsal 2013


Me in my Mickey warm up pants for our rehearsal. We’re doing Alice in wonderland and have incorporated some of the choreography from the Royal Ballet. Just the queen though. Anyways here I am in my rose costume. My Mentor is fixing the issue if lack of hair flair. Must have hair flair.

I’m icing my shins, I really hope I’m not getting splints now just before my intensive.